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Must. Have. Permanent. Account!!!

I've been nagging the LJ Admin about this for the past two years in various locations. (grin)

And now they're ready to offer the elusive PERMANENT ACCOUNT option -- and wouldn't you know that it's happening sometime this coming JUNE???

What lousy timing for us!!!

This is our busiest time of year right now, until the end of the festival (yes, in June)...

I hope to hell we don't miss the chance when it finally comes!

I signed up to be notified, as it's clearly going to be first come, first served. (We missed it last time around, too -- and would have gladly done it then!) But that's my home email account -- and it's pretty hard to track it from work. (sigh)

Seriously, I forwarded the news to Marilyn mistressmarilyn at work today and she was all over it, too.

No, we probably can't afford the $300 combined for both of us to have these, but what the hell -- it's only money (our mantra recently, with all our unbudgeted expenses... sigh...). And we love our LJs. We LOVE them!

I'm going to try and check here daily, at least. (Yeah, that should last about a day or two...)

Yes, I'm going to be pissed if I miss out on this! You'll be hearing me whine for years to come! Be forewarned! (grin)

Well, as it's the middle of the night and I've got a headache (and my eye is doing something freaky today), I'd better head to bed. I have a TON of work to get done tomorrow!

We're planning to work tomorrow, then actually try and take Sunday off (which I'll believe when I see it!!!). Then Monday should be crazy as hell! There's work to do, the cable TV guy is coming out between noon and 2:00 p.m., I need to fix dinner for company because we're having our Writing Circle meet Monday night. Afterwards we have a ton of work to do on the PowerPoint presentation for Wednesday night's annual Spring Board Meeting -- which must be a PERFECT meeting this year (Centennial year)!!!

Fortunately I got some cleaning done today, in preparation for both the cable guy poking around in multiple rooms (sigh) and have friends in Monday night. I hadn't vacuumed in ages, to be honest! It looks pretty nice now...

(Yeah, I could stand to do more cleaning, but it's probably not happening. I mean, something has to give, and cleaning is one of those things right now...)

I'm wound up. I'd like to be working on work projects right now! (yikes)

But I probably need the sleep... (sigh)


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