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Another Busy Day! The Spring Board Meeting PowerPoint!

Quickly, quickly. I should be working as I speak... (Well, type!)

I have the honor of helping Marilyn mistressmarilyn to prepare this year's PowerPoint presentation for the annual Spring Board Meeting (which is next Wednesday night). I'm very excited about it!

I've become the PowerPoint 'Queen' at the festival office, partly because of how well I can manipulate graphics/images -- which in a way I owe to being here at LiveJournal, believe it or not! I first got so interested in web graphics and how to create them entirely due to my LJ account. I ended up buying Paint Shop Pro and the rest, as they say, is history! It's certainly come in handy during this Centennial year...

I don't remember if I ever 'bragged' about my participation with the Commemorative Centennial Blanket or not. One of the projects I was involved in was helping with the blanket design.

Centennial Blanket (small)
This is how you officially display blankets, by the way -- with a corner turned so you can see how it looks on the back. (The brown tag in the corner is leather -- and numbered, as these are all numbered blankets in a limited run set. The blue tag is the maker's label -- these are Pendleton blankets.)

Oh, and this is a traditional Indian design, by the way. Though my centerpiece rose is considered very original. (smile)

Centennial Blanket (big)
And here's the bigger image.

That blanket is only one (small) example of image (design)-related things I've been able to do. These blankets are all numbered and retail at $250.00 (yes, even for staff). Marilyn plans to buy one, of course. The money will be a big help to the festival association. Yes, non-profits always need money -- but I can't begin to say how much the festival needs it right now!

I also make my own backgrounds for my PowerPoint presentations, which probably doesn't surprise anyone who knows me at all. (smile)

So you can view some small versions of those backgrounds here:

background 3
version 3 (I've primarily used colors that are in these deep burgundy color.)

background 5
background version 5 (Another 'fancy' background, again using the 'primary color' scheme.)

background 7
background version 7 (Part of our presentation has a patriotic theme, so...)

background 16
background version 16 (With a rose theme using the same colors.)

background 17
background version 17 (Yes, there's the recurring rose theme and recurring colors.)

This is part of the 'fun' for me -- coming up with new and attractive backgrounds for my PP slides...

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun! I'll try and write more later, but I really need to get to work now!

ETA: I'm surprised... For any coding at MySpace involving images, you have to use the XML version -- but apparently LJ doesn't like that code! I've just gotten in the habit of using it recently...

<img src="" alt="background 16" />

<img src="" alt="background 16">

The end part of the tag is the difference, for those unfamiliar with coding. In XML you MUST close all tags, so if you have a single tag you put the forward slash in to make it self-closing...


Go figure!

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