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Why We Play Cards...

Last night entirely defined it. Not just for me (again), but for Marilyn mistressmarilyn, too.

Sue and I went up late-afternoon-ish to play cards in La Center, Washington. The traffic was minimal considering heading the Washington direction (across the I-5 bridge), which can be brutal starting as early as 3:30 p.m. every day...

We got in the parking lot and she saw this Mike fellow and handed me money to go in and get her the spot she likes (on one) before he could. ROFL. Then she drove off to park!

That's never happened before, so I hurried in to find another man (who I didn't know) already had one. I set her up on seven (me beside her on six).

We ended up on the table with three men, all named Mike! It was a little weird...

There was a minor 'incident' at one point. Sue got bothered (not unreasonably so, really) by the way the guys were acting about 'men versus women'--and she spouted off! (It surprised me, but got the people to apologize to her and be a little more friendly.)

Another woman sat down next to me (Diana) and she was quite nice. Then one Mike went out and her husband joined--another Mike! (What are the odds on that? LOL.)

Sue eventually moved to one and I stayed on six.

I was phoning Marilyn on and off to see if she was planning to come up. She didn't get out of her meeting until 15 to 6:00, so she had me phone back (etc.). Eventually she did come--and Sue and I were delighted!

The Mike that had 'worried' Sue (that he'd get one before her) was drinking beer, but he was quite drunk. That's very unusual there, as the management will generally cut someone off before they allow them to get drunk that way (thankfully!). He was playing pretty slow, beating very high (the table is generally not like that) and staying on bad hands. When he finally left he dropped his chips on the floor! Then stumbled over to the cage to cash in and knocked down the candy bowl there. (They had to go and get him and take him aside to sober him up.)

We had two men join the table, Frank and George. Frank's a 'local' (lives in the Pacific Northwest), but his brother Frank was visiting from upstate New York.

What nice guys! So damned much fun to play with.

Marilyn would have gone home hours earlier if not for those two guys. They were just so terrific--so personable and fun.

That's what I like best about playing Let It Ride.

The game consists of each person being dealt (down) three cards. The dealer gets two of the final three cards.

Each player is trying to make a poker hand of a pair of tens (or better) from their own hand plus the dealer's hand.

No one is playing against anyone else at the table--including the dealer. So you can't throw the wrong card and have other players mad at you. It doesn't take any card smarts to play--you just have to understand poker hands. It's generally a very friendly game.

When we play it, it's a very friendly game! LOL. I'm usually the 'hostess,' introducing everyone to everyone else (getting everyone to tell us their first names). We almost always pull for everyone else at the table. (I've only known once or twice ever that we haven't done that!)

Frank and George were such fun--and so nice to us. Everybody was being nice to Marilyn and wishing her happy birthday and calling her the 'birthday girl' (and so on).

When it was time to head home, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Marilyn--something I've never seen happen before! (Yes, I've seen other bdays being celebrated there many times.)

It's really not about the gambling, as much fun as that can be.

It's really not about the money (win or lose).

It is about the fun--and the friendliness that we experience.

That might surprise many, but that's why it's the only table game I personally like to play.

We've had people standing around the table many times wanting to play with us. We've had people tell us over and over again that they've come to play--or stayed longer than planned--because it's so much fun at our table.

We make racy jokes ('that sucks--not in a good way' and 'he was a jack off' and so on) and tease one another and visit back and forth and get very excited over even small wins. It's probably hard to imagine if you've never played, but it's really a load of fun...

And that's why we play cards!

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