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American Idol -- Idol Gives Back

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American Idol Gives Back

This show tonight is amazing.

I've been sobbing during much of it.

I don't care if you're one of those people who think American Idol sucks. If you're unmoved by this two-hour special airing tonight, then there's something wrong with you.

Earlier today I was outside talking to my neighbor Doug from across the street. His family wouldn't call themselves poor, but...

...well, they've got more than twenty people living together in that small house right now.

Life is hard everywhere. We have our own moments with finances and health and so on. But nothing like what we're seeing here. This sort of thing puts life into perspective, doesn't it?

By the way, I think it's been great entertainment, too!

In other news...

It's currently close to 9:30 p.m. here -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn is still at work. I think that means she's put in a 13 1/2 hour day (so far).

God, I admire my sister so much...
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