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Mom, Dad and 'Home'

I just had the most vivid dream before waking up just now...

Mom was still alive and we were in her house. Not the way it was at the end, but more the way it was when we'd all first moved in there. Or maybe an idealized version. But as nice as I ever remember it being -- and very realistic! I recall walking across the floor as if I'd just done it.

And Mom was younger and (much) healthier than those last years when she was alive -- and still had both legs.


I remember being beside her bed at one point and that she had a big 'yellow' dog (a lab?) lying in bed with her -- and a big cat. I guess it was supposed to be her cat John, but it resembled our cat Colin -- and was quite friendly with the dog. No, Mom never had a dog. In fact, she was terrified of dogs from a negative childhood experience. So I've no clue where that came from!

I also recall a moment where I was lying next to her and we were hugging and I was telling her how much I love her -- and telling her that I'd come over more often in the future. I was feeling bad that I hadn't been spending enough time with her...

Then later on my Dad was there, too! We were walking around the house hunting for something for Marilyn that she needed for work.

Dad - bday in shorts

So I went and dug out some photos of both parents and scanned them -- and here they are to share...

A few photos of Mom and Dad

Dad - birthday (big)
(In this photo we're clearly celebrating Dad's birthday, though I've no idea what year it was. He's in shorts, which is cool, because I can remember a time when he wouldn't wear shorts. He's apparently opening cards and has presents sitting on the table in the front of the photo.)

And in the dream, both Dad and Mom were younger than those last difficult years of their lives. But it was as if I'd just been with them last week, or the week before... (Actually, in my dream neither one of them had white/gray hair. Of course, Mom rarely did, anyway!)

Mom and Dad - wedding photo
(This was their wedding photo -- aren't they a lovely couple?)

Mom and Dad - at Our Daily Bread restaurant
(This is probably how I remember them best in later years -- except that Mom generally kept her hair pretty blonde. Dad loved her best as a blonde, so...)

Mom and Dad - Christmas

Mom and Dad - church photo

I didn't include any of the later photos of Dad, when he'd lost so damn much weight. They're depressing as hell to see -- and it took me years to stop picturing him that way in my mind, so why go there again?

Anyway, it was a nice dream -- and got me to thinking about them in a very fond way...

It was interesting dreaming of my parents house and thinking of it as home. It hasn't been my home in a long, long time -- and we sold it right after Mom died. But I guess there's still a place in my heart for that house, the way it was when I lived there. (smile)

You know, I don't dwell in the past, as a rule. I'm very happy in the now! But it's nice to look back from time to time...

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