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So what's the deal, people?

As I listen to the Attorney General of Virginia doing his 'song and dance' about the Virginia Tech shooting -- and have listened to others saying the same crap -- I just have to ask:

Why doesn't somebody step up and take some RESPONSIBILITY here for what happened???

In other words, we're actually talking about two instances of shooting, not just one. Why didn't some security method go into effect that might have saved some lives after the first shooting incident occurred?

I'm not talking about pointing fingers of blame. But being responsible and admitting that we make mistakes is an important thing, in my mind. (sigh)

And no, it's not that easy to recognize 'the signs' of mental illness as opposed to the usual angst of college-age students. I'm not saying anyone could have known that this young person would suddenly turn violent. My personal concern isn't wrapped up in that. It is what it is -- and I'm not sure we can ever forecast these sort of events, no matter what others might be saying.

Now I'm listening to the press conference. It's amazingly annoying so far. No information went out to the campus-at-large until after 9:00 a.m., even though the first shooting took place at 7:15 a.m. Again, I have to ask why???

It sounds as if 30 lives might have been saved...

Ghastly thought, isn't it?

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