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Back from Vegas... And Horror at Virginia Tech...

Yes. We're back from our trip to Las Vegas.

What a shock to face today's horror at Virginia Tech. Here's a map of the shooting:
Small version: Map of the Virginia Tech Shooting

Here's a larger image of the map of the Virginia Tech Shooting from today...
Map of the Virginia Tech Shooting

It just doesn't seem appropriate to run on about our vacation trip in light of this, so I think I'll wait until tomorrow.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those directly involved -- and to a sorrowing nation.

On a more serious note, I spent around 45 minutes this morning on the phone with Lisa D. (who was Lisa M. when we were in high school). We'd lost track of her over the years, I have to admit. We did know she had become a nurse, married her high school sweetheart and had a health miracle occur while carrying her first son (surviving serious throat cancer due to the power of prayer) -- but she filled me in on a number of other things during our talk.

She's a woman who speaks eloquently and sincerely about God and being 'called' -- and you feel no desire to do anything but nod your head in agreement. Of course, as I told Lisa, Marilyn mistressmarilyn have a strong belief in an Higher Power -- and in the fact that there are no coincidences or accidents in life. Things happen for a reason. Plus believing in something can truly make it happen.

You know, this year's Centennial celebration of the festival is a perfect example, by the way. We started with nothing -- not a dime in the budget and no plans -- and the words and belief of a few (especially Marilyn) made it into reality. (Interestingly, many of my own prayers and wishes are wrapped up in a successful Centennial...)

We always believed Lisa should have been Princess her senior year (she and Marilyn graduated the same year). But the fascinating thing is that she had two aunts (her mother's sisters) who were both Princesses. And later her younger sister was a Princess, as well! Three from one family! Amazing...

I also mentioned Tom to her, as she recalled him from high school (when everyone knew him as Marilyn's boyfriend)...

What a small world we live in!

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