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Marilyn's Birthday Revisited!

Do you remember me mentioning that Marilyn mistressmarilyn got an incredible bouquet for her birthday?

Frankly, photos don't do it justice -- partly because I can't even get the entire thing in any one photo, it's that big! (Seriously, aside from the bouquets Marilyn and I used to bring away from something like the Coronation stage in the old days, I've never seen anything like it. Ever. Period. I've grabbed a couple of photos and will share them here. Along with photos of the other flowers she got, as well!

Here's a small version, for those who don't want to check it out behind the cut:
small ed

And a small version of the roses and tulips she got:
small roses

So here are the big photos!

From Ed (what a sweetie!), the huge bouquet:
from ed

And a closeup view:
from ed closeup

Sitting on the coffee table in M.'s office, this thing stands as tall as I do! It's huge. Seriously. And gorgeous, too.

Plus a really cute bouquet from Tom (held by a little bear):
from tom

And a closeup view:
from tom closeup

These are at home on the living room coffee table:
roses and tulips

I have to say that I think it was sweet of people to send her so many flowers! She loves getting them, too. And the other women in the office go crazy when they see these -- which is half the fun!


Ed also phoned her early Saturday. I had to get on the phone and tell him 'he done good' (grin). We were both blown away!

The pile of Starbuck's cards are great, too. Often the only break she'll get in an entire day (which frequently runs 12 hours or longer) will be a quick trip down for coffee at Starbuck's. I was delighted that June and Jim thought to give her a card! I wonder what prompted it? Both sister Sue and I gave her cards, too -- as did her assistant Jessica. She's always buying coffee for others, so she runs through these pretty fast...

I would have loved to get her the much-longed-for iPod or personal DVD player -- especially in time for her trip by plane to Vegas! But I lacked the $$$ to manage it. (sigh) I know she'd love to have both, but that's the way it goes...

(Hell, I've wanted a personal DVD player for a couple years now, but again it's not that easy to gather the $$$...) Hey, I'm not complaining here! I like my little (not so little, really -- and rather heavy) CD player that I haul along with many (many) CDs to play. (smile) I feel lucky to have it!

So, on top of our recent money woes, we had to add paying for my computer crash (yikes) and then buying oil! That was a shock when I went to turn on the brand new furnace and nothing happened! I stuck the oil and my Dad started to spin in his vase, I'm sure! I've never, ever let the oil get that low before in my entire life. (And I used to 'stick it' when I still lived at home, so we're talking many, many years of me managing the purchase of oil here...)

Then I went to fire it up this morning and nothing happened! I was afraid I'd fouled the lines, which might have meant additional $$$ to fix the new furnace. (God help me. I was freaking about that.) But I phoned our oil company as soon as they opened (we were up early again today) and he walked me through hitting the reset. I used to do that all the time with the old furnace, but I didn't know where to find the button on the new one. Thankfully it started up right away. (shudder) I don't know what I'd have done otherwise...

Marilyn had a terrible day yesterday at work. Just horrible. And she was in early again today and it's now heading toward 8:00 p.m. and she's still at work. (That makes it over 12 hours, for the record.) I'm sure she's beat...

But the Writing Circle went well last night -- even though neither Marilyn or I had done the writing for it! We just read old pieces and called it good.

My dinner went over well, so I think I'll continue to cook dinner every time from here on out. (This was the second time we had dinner rather than just snacks.) I made deviled eggs, a caserole and salad -- and had olives and snacks and cookies for dessert. Along with tons of Easter candy. We all drank, too, so it was a relaxing time...

Colin was such a good boy! He slept in a chair the whole evening and didn't bother anyone. Normally we have to lock him away. It used to be that he'd be locked up while Kittie Scarlett got to stay. I guess he's turning into a 'big boy' now. (And not just going by size!) We were both so proud of him!

I did try and go for my pre-Vegas pedicure today, but it didn't work out. So I have a haircut and ped scheduled for tomorrow -- and also need to touch up my hair color.

Time has passed -- but you can't tell that! (It's now past 8 p.m.) Anyway, we're having a late dinner (leftovers) and going to watch "American Idol" (if I can keep my eyes open). I am so brain dead from working on my computer for hours and hours and hours today. (sigh)

I almost forgot to mention it! Sweet Tom brought me a box of chips again today! I'm not much into the dill pickle chips right now, I'm afraid, but that's okay. It's the dear, dear thought that counts! (I can always buy Cheetos -- even if it does drive Marilyn nuts when I do!)


Tom is such a sweet guy. In fact, we seem to know a lot of very sweet guys! Mitch buying us dinner and going with us to the show, Ed buying those amazing flowers, Tom buying stuffed animals and flowers and sending chips -- and I could name others, too. (I just got the article I needed from Jim, who had sat and gone through the newspaper page by page hunting for it. So kind of him.)

We're very lucky -- and we know it!!

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