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Windows XP -- Font Smoothing...

This is just one of those things that drives me nuts if it's not set correctly, I guess. (grin)

But if you're viewing things with a system that has Windows XP installed -- and all the text seem to have ragged edges -- then you need to change this setting!


Go to your desktop and right-click. Select Properties.

Click on the Appearance tab.

Click the Effects button.

This line needs to be checkmarked/selected:
Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:

Then select 'Clear Type.'

Click the 'OK' button and click the next 'OK' button.

This one of just hundreds of stupid little details that need to be done when you're setting up a computer from scratch after a crash. (sigh)

Just yuck. (ugh)

It's going to take days to get me back to where I was before my crash...

I need some Cheetos really, really bad about now!


Tags: 2007, april-2007, setting-up-computer, smoothing-font-edges-in-windows-xp

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