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Good News, Bad News -- Plus Marilyn's Bday and Easter Weekend...

The good news? We had a great weekend! We really did.

Yes, it was hard having Scarlett put down on Saturday. But it really was time. So we didn't go around feeling sad, as we knew we'd sent her to a better place. (And we'll see her again someday.)

Sure, we worked until 1 a.m. (or after) on Saturday night, after getting home from going out to dinner. But that was good, too -- as there's so damn much to do! And much of it was fascinating stuff. We'd discovered that Lana Turner visited the festival in 1942 to help raise money for war bonds -- and they had a national broadcast of the festival, which is still a big deal today! (Via radio, just for the record. KGW and NBC -- in the days before TV.) Lana was only 21 at the time -- and our Queen Shirley made her an honorary member of her court. (smile)

We went to dinner at The Original Taco House (our favorite) for Marilyn's mistressmarilyn birthday (which was Saturday) with sister Sue and friend Mitch. Mitch surprised us and picked up the check for dinner. Wasn't that sweet of him? (And Sue put money toward it, too.) There are several Taco Houses in town, but we went to the one on 82nd, for the record.

And Mitch (who plays the organ for a large church in town) convinced us that Lent actually ended at sundown (not midnight), so we even had peppermint ice cream after eating the main course. (smile)

As I said, after dinner Marilyn and I went to the office to work. She's pretty amazing -- spending part of her bday putting down the cat, and part of it working. But that's Marilyn!

The bad news?

Saturday morning I go to look at my email and discover that I've had some kind of weird computer crash! (ugh) I've got to get it in this morning to Donn (my tech), because it's seriously messed up. I can't even say how much so. I think it's going to need to have the C: (drive) wiped and reformatted -- and Windows XP reinstalled. What a pain in the ass!

I shouldn't lose anything, as I keep most of my data on my D: (drive). But there's always that question about whether or not email will transfer over or not. (damn) I lost a ton of emails the last time this happened... And a question? Why does this seem to happen so often to me? (sigh)

I tried several times to do the things I know how to do to get it up and running again, just for the record. But oh well. It's only money.

Only money? Right.

Have I mentioned the $500 to get the car fixed recently? And the $400+ that we had to pay on Marilyn's test (after insurance)? The cost of my new ID card? Money to deal with the ants? The expense of dealing with Scarlett's illness -- and getting her put down? And on and on and on. But we all have expenses, so what the hell. It's only money. (grin)

I do hope my computer isn't gone too long -- and that it doesn't cost too damn much to fix it. (sigh)

I'm supposed to be writing my 2,000 words for tonight. Our Writing Circle meets tonight and I haven't even started on my piece. (Considering I never finished the last time around, this is not good.) But June said I can come over and use her computer if I need to. (That never works out too well, as June uses her computer on and off during the day. But maybe I'll try...)

We got up around 10 a.m. on Sunday and had a little bit of chocolate bunny to eat. (smile) Then we went to Starbuck's and listened to part of the countdown (which we like to do on Sundays). Oh! And we went to tan. We don't have much time until we leave for Vegas, after all...

Later we had bacon and hard boiled (coddled!) eggs, which we usually have on Easter day.

Then we went out with Mitch to see the movie "300" with Mitch -- and we all three loved it! It's beautifully filmed and quite stylistic. I can't imagine how anyone could complain about it.

But maybe you need to be into either comic books or graphic novels to totally appreciate it. (Sort of like "Sin City.") It was far superior to anything I'd imagined, anyway. Gerard Butler was fabulous as Leonidas and we adored Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo. A good cast all around, actually.

Plus all those bared rock-hard abs of the men??? I thought they had to be one of the special effects, they were so amazing! (grin)

Really worth seeing, I'll tell you.

We had pouring rain Saturday morning -- but it was better later in the day. And yesterday was clear in the morning! Unheard of for Easter, which usually has rain to drench the poor Sunrise Service attendees... So the weather wasn't half-bad this weekend.

I need to share about the gifts Marilyn got for her birthday, but I haven't downloaded the photos yet! She got some of the most utterly amazing flowers I've ever seen, short of bouquets for a special event stage! No, I'm not kidding here! But more about that when I can share the many photos I took...

Damn computer! I can't live with it, can't live without it. (What's that remind you of?)

It's going to take days to get the software all back on again and get everything up to speed. (Loading plugins and brushes and tubes and whatnot for my PSP takes forever, for example...) Oh well.

So it's ironic that my neighbor has a crash and it's just the need of a new modem (easy fix), which was done Saturday. My niece has a crash and it's mainly about upping her RAM and removing the spyware and crap she never does maintenance for. Plus she only uses webmail and has almost nothing in the way of documents loaded, so it's no big deal. (He had it back to her the same day.) But me? This is huge -- and will be a big, big hassle. (sigh)

Well, I can't really complain. At least we can afford (sort of) to do it. It's not like the old days when we just went without a computer when it went out! (And we had to share one computer in the house, because it was all we could afford to have...)

I have to admit there are times I wish we also had a laptop, though. Not that we can afford that right now! But it would be nice to be able to take back and forth to the office and so on...

Dream on. Hell, why not? Dreams are good things. (smile)

Anyway, that's my update for now. (Until I get my computer back again, I guess!)

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