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Kittie Scarlett, No More Beta of Vertigo, Bloodwork, Yahoo! Mail and More!

I have such a hard time with subject lines here. I'd like to be really witty and clever -- but I'd also like to be able to find something years later, when I've forgotten what the witty and clever topic actually stands for. (sigh) Even so, I don't always touch on every aspect of an entry in the subject line, which really makes it hard to find things later.

Thank God for tags!

I remember when LJ started tags and I wasn't all that into the idea (idiot me). Tags is the main way I look for things now -- at both the communities I help moderate and in my own journal. (Obviously they aren't much help for bookmarking other journals, though...)

Okay, all of that aside, on to my current 'news.' (grin)

The sad news is that we've set the appointment to take Scarlett in to be put down. Doubly sad is that it's this coming Saturday, April 7 -- which is Marilyn's mistressmarilyn birthday. I wish we didn't have to do it on M.'s bday, but we just don't have another good time when we can both be there...

Scarlett was much worse last night. She was sitting all hunched really odd. Not that 'chicken sit' thing that all cats do, but an odd variation. She couldn't seem to stand to lie flat, which I think was connected to her difficulty breathing. (sigh)

She's keeping almost no food down now. She does eat (very little), because she's got to be starvingly hungry, poor thing. And heavens, is she a survivor!!! She'll even eat again not long after puking.

She lying in my lap as we speak, by the way -- and has been following me around all morning long. She wants to be with me. And I believe she knows. She's a very psychic cat. (I could tell you so many times when it's clear she knows what we're thinking! Amazing.)

Back! Didn't know I was gone, did you?

Sister Sue took me to get my bloodwork done (check on liver) -- and it took ages. I started this entry at 11 a.m. and it's now past 2:30 p.m. (yikes) Of course we went to take Candy's computer in to Donn (my computer tech), get Starbucks and have lunch. So no big surprise, right? (grin)

Anyway, I have some 'goodbye' photos of Scarlett to share...

Poor, sick Scarlett:
Poor sick Scarlett

Scarlett and Colin:
Scarlett and Colin

Aunt Suzy says goodbye:
Aunt Suzy says goodbye

As you can see, photos don't begin to tell the tale of how sick she really is -- or how skinny. She's really skin and bones now. But she does look scruffy -- because she's too sick to groom and can't stand to be brushed (or I'd gladly do so).

Poor Colin. He always wanted for them to be buddies and play together. Even though she never warmed much to him, he's often found right beside her. I think he'll miss her when she's gone. (sigh)

Sister Sue was very broken up saying 'goodbye' today. Scarlett is such a sweet, sweet little cat. She's hard not to love!

Well, tonight Marilyn and I will say our goodbyes...

Yes. I finally threw in the towel on using Vertigo as my viewing scheme.

It's not a bad scheme, actually. I certainly prefer it over everything other than my beloved Dystopia (which I'm back using now). But I couldn't get used to where you find Friends' View (which I use more than anything else). Or not having 'Update' for posting to my journal. Or what was the easy way to locate filter settings (for doing moderation on-the-fly). And many other things.

Don't get me wrong. I love to beta things and have been doing it for years. I've betaed software and on and on. But I stuck with it as long as I could stand to -- then I just gave up. I don't have time right now to 'hunt' for things -- I need them now! (Hell, I need them ten minutes ago.)


Do any of you have Yahoo! Mail Plus, rather than just a free Yahoo! email account?

Marilyn has had it forever, but I just finally decided to get it. I was worried about protecting the tons and tons of notes I store there in the Notepad, for one thing. (Aside from protecting piles of emails, as well.) While I don't use my Yahoo! mail as often as my home (Qwest) account, I do use it quite a bit, so I decided it was a good investment.

But what a hassle to get it to work!

Yahoo! has a serious problem when it comes to dealing with credit cards. Once they've expired -- and you need to post the updated info (new expiration and so on) -- it's next to impossible to actually edit them. They keep telling me that I can do so, but we went through this for Marilyn's account, too. No go.

What you finally have to end up doing is adding an entirely new card. So Marilyn added mine last time around and I used her card to charge mine. Now how much sense does that make? Plus the confirmation email comes addressed to the person named on the credit card, rather than the account owner! Weird.

You know, I use to be a huge Yahoo! fan. I loved being active at Yahoo! Groups, for example. But they can't seem to get their act together. Would that they were as good to use as LiveJournal! And that they constantly upgraded their options in reasonable ways.

Of course, LJ is very open to user input! That fact impresses the hell out of me. I've always tended to like companies that gave me an opportunity to tell them what I think of their service. Sure, Yahoo! has some customer satisfaction service, but like most polls I find if they don't ask the right questions, then you can't really give them decent feedback. (sigh)

I do love Yahoo! mail, in spite of all this. I've been using my Yahoo! email account for years as a free service, with few complaints. And at the point where our Qwest account was so messed up, that's how I got my email sent to home!

The Mail Plus has the obvious options of no ads -- either inside the email or on emails you send. That's a very good thing.

The weather here has been lovely lately -- and is supposed to hit 80° today! According to the weather thing on my profile page, it's 75° right now. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine!

So I'm going to share some photos to commemorate this lovely day. (smile)

So here's just a few photos!

Our house:
our house

our house

Our tulip tree:
tulip and maple tree
This is in the front yard, even though you can't see it in the two photos above. In the second photo you can see blossoms down on the lawn from the tree, though! And the lovely green tree behind it is our maple tree, also in the front yard.

Note how blue the sky is!

And those looking carefully at the house photos will see some of the trees we have in the back yard, peeking over the roof of the house...

While getting my bloodwork done today I made a new friend!

Her name is Lucy, and she's two years old! And the smartest two-year-old I've ever met!

Here's Lucy:
Lucy -- she's two!

When you take her photo, Lucy likes to say "Cheese!" -- and smile really, really big. (grin)
Say 'Cheese!' Lucy!

And here she is wearing my sunglasses. So sweet! She also tried on most of my many (many) rings -- and my watch!
Lucy in Charlie's sunglasses

Isn't she sweet???

Meeting her really brightened my day!

I actually turned on our (new!) central air today, to cool the house. Works great!!!

Well, I need to get to my housecleaning. Then I'm decorating for Easter, even if it is late.

Reminds me that I've got tons of icons to post for Easter -- if I get around to it in time! (It's pretty late right now... sigh...)

And somebody has a BIRTHDAY tomorrow! I need to post all about that, too. (smile)

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