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I need to do a lengthy update... So I'll try to cut it frequently, I think. (smile)

I've been tanning recently, which I think I mentioned in this entry. Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been getting Mystic tans, but I've been doing conventionals. (I've been told more than once by doctors that tanning is actually good for my psoriatic arthritis, so I'm back at it after years away. I used to buy packages and do it all the time, for exactly that reason...)

So we went and I tanned over the weekend (Marilyn didn't need to after having a recent Mystic). I did 15 minutes this last time and am finally seeing some actual color. I've been doing quite a bit less prior to that.

We had our manicures on Friday, by the way. I got a new kind of 'French' where instead of white tips, you have red tips! It's very cool and modern looking. Interestingly enough, one of the Desert Sun girls had the same thing, with the same color red!

I lost my ID card recently. (sigh) I've no clue where. (It's probably in a pocket, as Marilyn has pointed out.) Anyway, I need to get it replaced, pronto, as we're less than two weeks out from our trip to Las Vegas -- and I have to have it to fly! (yikes)

So sister Sue and I went over to the DMV at Lloyd Center this morning. It opens at 9 a.m. and we were there by 9:20 -- and out of there by 20 'til 10:00! Not bad, huh? That's with providing ID to prove I was me (grin) and getting my photo taken and the whole deal. So I'm good to go with my ID. (The old card will probably pop up now that I've done that...)

Brian brn_gamble and Jim just_jimbo have started several new communities based on "The Tudors" -- and Brian wrote to ask if I'd consider being a moderator to help them out. I wrote back and told him I'd be delighted to assist, though I'd been a pretty lousy moderator recently! I've been so tied up with RL that I haven't been here at LJ the way I like to be.

Still, I've had a lifelong love of the Tudor Dynasty -- and am really caught up in the Showtime series -- so what the hell.

Interesingly enough, our current topic for our Writing Circle is History -- which I came up with. At the time I was thinking of writing something else, but now I'm considering writing an actual Tudor-based fic and sharing it. (Which either means I need to skip writing slash or consider doing one version that omits the slashy goodness! This is not a group I can share slash fic with, in other words...)

But Jim wrote a great ficlet recently that has me inspired to write! He (mildly) slashed King Henry with Cardinal Wolsey. I've never been much of a Wolsey fan previously, but now that he's being portrayed by one of my favorite actors (Sam Neill) I've decided I'll reconsider. (grin) Actually, I find him very interesting in the role -- and it's not like I haven't always known how amazing Wolsey was, historically speaking...

Anyway, I can't wait to tackle some graphics and writing to share! Should be fun.

I went out to breakfast with Sue (she loves eating out) and I now officially need some exercise! So I'm going to take my bike out and ride it. It's really quite a lovely day!

More later, hopefully!

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