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Life is Good... Just Busy! A Scarlett Update.

I can't believe that it's been almost a week since I last updated! Heavens.

Anyway, I just got done sitting on the floor to 'feed' Kittie Scarlett. I do this at least three times a day.

Here's the routine! All she'll eat is tuna -- 'people tuna,' and one of the cheapest brands around, too boot. (Meaning less healthy, I'm afraid.) Anyway, I stopped feeding her in her little cat bowls in favor of small, flat plates. (Easier for her to reach.) I dump the tuna on the plate and carefully mash it up with a fork. Then I spray on the cat vitamins and mash and mix. (There's garlic in the vitamin spray, so my hands smell of garlic quite a bit...)

So I put her plate down in her normal feeding spot in the kitchen, which is on a small tray (not far from the tray and dish for Colin). I sit down cross-legged next to her on the kitchen floor, fork in hand. Then I wait for her to go to the dish. If she doesn't, I lift her up and put her directly in front of the dish.

I use the fork to 'mound' the food on the front edge of her plate. The entire time I talk to Scarlett, encouraging her to eat. I praise her a lot when she actually does eat. She eats slowly, but will be steady for a time -- so I sit there with the fork lying on one edge of the plate.

Sometimes I have the kitchen TV on and I'll watch TV while I wait. Other times I just sit quietly with her.

Last night I ate my dinner sitting on the floor so I could encourage her the entire time. I did that with my breakfast cereal this morning, too. It just seems to make sense to for me to eat while she does. (grin)

She eats a little, then moves about a foot away from her plate. Then I either scrap/mound the food with the fork to encourage her back, or I gently lift her and place her in front of the food again. Almost every single time she starts right in eating again! It's amazing.

I don't know why she needs the constant encouragement, to tell you the truth. I'm not sure if she gets confused and needs to be reminded, or if she just likes the attention, or what. It's turned into a time for cat bonding for all three of us, Colin included. I just pet and praise both cats. So no wonder she likes me there!

Anyway, if it works to get a bit more food down her then it's worth the effort. After all, who knows how much longer we'll have her with us?

Scarlett's all skin and bones now. But spunky as hell! She still howls up at us when we come home -- and usually meets us at the door, too. She's still going up and down the stairs by herself now and then -- and still jumping up and down on furniture, like the beds and the sofa. I don't know where she gets the energy, considering how little she does eat.

She still likes to sit in our laps and sit on the sofa and caw at birds and lie in rooms where we're busy with some activity -- on the computers or watching TV. She hates to be left alone in a room, actually -- even if she's sleeping when we leave her. We get an earful if she wakes up and finds us gone!

Actually, a few days back I was thinking that I'm blessed to know two incredibly courageous individuals -- Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Kittie Scarlett. I doubt I need to mention all the ways I find Marilyn courageous (smile). And maybe it's equally obvious about Scarlett, too. She faces her illness with such guts. She can't play anymore -- and she used to love to run and play. But she's a survivor who clearly wants to continue to live. She's adapted to her limitations and just moves on. It's amazing.

I'm inspired, I have to admit. And it doesn't hurt to have these sort of inspirations in our daily lives...

I need to update here like mad -- and catch up with all my friends! Life is very, very busy this year. (grin) So forgive me if I spam a bit today. (grin)

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