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Preparing for Marilyn's Test Tomorrow...

Marilyn is having a colonoscopy tomorrow, first thing in the morning. (She did have one years ago, so at least she knows what to expect...)

As is true with many tests of this nature, she's had to spend several days in preparation. And this final day right before the test required both purging and fasting -- not much fun. She's been on a liquid diet today (with no coffee allowed).

She's spent several hours now purging -- without taking in any liquids except the doctored Gatorade. (She told me she thinks that orange Gatorade is ruined for her now.) At midnight we're both going to have cups of hot bouillon. That's going to be a real treat considering she hasn't had anything much for hours and neither of us had more than tea, water and pop all day long.

(Okay, yeah, I did 'cheat' this evening and have some sunflower seeds. But out of sympathy for Marilyn I spent the rest of the day on the same liquid diet she was forced to follow. Beside, I haven't been very hungry lately with this bug...)

It's going to be good to find out the results, whatever they are. We have a family history of colon cancer -- and she's had some things that made her doctor think the test was appropriate. (Actually, Grandpa Harry had colon cancer -- and Mom had rectal cancer. Slightly different, but close to the same.) Anyway, knowing what's up -- good or bad -- is always better than being in the dark.

What's hard is that a friend phoned Marilyn on Friday to tell her his wife has rectal cancer. She (his wife) had this same test (the colonoscopy) a couple weeks ago...

Marilyn also got work Friday that a good friend had died. Let's just say she had a pretty tough day.

I need to wrap this up, as it's almost midnight and I need to go fix that bouillon!

Scarlett was having a pretty good day today -- then she threw up late tonight. (sigh)

Nadal won at Indian Wells!!! That was good news.

I'm sure there's more I wanted to blog, but it's not coming to me right now...

More tomorrow, I guess!

I'll be glad when Marilyn's test is over and she's back home again!!!

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