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I think I spent around five hours (minimum) yesterday (Friday) doing research for the PowerPoint presentation Marilyn mistressmarilyn is going to give (and I'm helping with).

It was fascinating, I have to admit!

I got a bunch of photos that I worked on to make easier to view. (Enhancing is my thing, after all.)

And I found some interesting sites with 'good junk' to review.

Anyway, it's all good...

I'm looking forward to putting these materials together in the actual PowerPoint project.

Hey! Marilyn brought home the Centennial poster -- and it's fabulous! The artist did a great job.

She also brought home our festival jackets (made by Columbia Sportswear) for this year, which are a lot like last year's jackets. The same tan-colored fleece, but a slightly lighter color -- and with the new festival logo. I have a hunch that if we happen to accidently wear last year's jacket, nobody would even notice... (smile)

We can't complain, though -- after all the jackets are free. (Hell, it beats needing to buy them, like other parts of the festival uniform.) They retail at $45.00, so...

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