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Comic Books Rule!


I confess.

I'm a comic book geek reader/fan. I've been one since childhood.

No, I don't read them much these days. It's been at least a decade since I spent major $$$ buying comic books. But back in the day...

Anyway, once into comic books, always into comic books. Right? I bet if I picked one up right now I'd be right back into it, no doubt.

Anyway, please go and read what flippyfrog shared HERE! (Pretty please?) If you're into comic books even a little, you're going to love it... Or at least, I certainly did! (heh)

That made my day.

Made me want to go and dig out my old Legion of Super-Heroes comic books.

And reminds me of when we had a campaign to support Mon-El for Leader. (I have photos somewhere of our huge banner...) That campaign was actually Marilyn's idea. Yes, she was equally into reading comic books.

I told you I was a geek fan!

In other news...

The weather here was lovely today! Blue skies, sunshine (I didn't even wear a jacket when we went out) and warm. (Probably why we're having ants...) Spring isn't far away (I hope)...

Kittie Scarlett had a bad night last night. But she was eating again today and is lying on the chair next to me right this minute. She's so stubborn and such a survivor. She's not quite ready to let go of life just yet...

I'm still sick with this damn cold. (sigh) I slept in this morning and spent most of yesterday in bed. I just wish I could get over it and move on... But whatever.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I actually had beers tonight to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Woo hoo! That was fun.

I'm so impressed by Desert Sun (the place where I'm currently tanning). They're so nice there. I mean, just incredible, friendly people. Imagine what it would be like if every place we went had employees that were so warm and pleasant to be around? And the environment is just lovely. (I've been to a range of various places, but this well may be the most clean and attractive. Plus it's very affordable!)

Tennis Update
Andy Roddick lost to Rafael Nadal today at Indian Wells. Nadal played amazing tennis! Andy didn't play bad, but he couldn't buy a first serve. (They're actually re-playing the match right now on TV.) 19-year-old Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray (!!!), so he'll face Rafa in the finals. (Murray is injured...)

Hey, I want to be playing tennis! (Which I can't do until I'm not sick anymore. Obviously.)


Well, with the nice weather here so early, we should be outside and playing tennis all the time really soon. (Work allowing, of course.)

I can't wait. Wee!
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