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LJ Beta? New Viewing Scheme, Vertigo.

Yes, after reading THIS, I decided to go and beta the new Viewing Option Scheme...

Welcome Vertigo! (grin)

Those who know me well are aware I'm a big Dystopia fan -- and that I never cared for either XColibur or Horizon.


Well, I don't like rollover navigation, so that did in poor XColibur. As hard as that is for someone who loves Arthurian mythology, used to have a business named 'Camelot' and currently has a website named Camelotslash! Seriously, I really wanted to like that scheme.


And yeah, I did give Horizon a try (in the beta stage), but it was too minimalist for me. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know! 'Less is more.' Well, you know what? When it comes to website navigation, more is more!* (I remember that I couldn't even find the damn site map forever and a day there.)

(*This reminds me of a huge gripe I have at many websites I visit -- which is that they don't include navigation to the 'Home' page! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I must have discussed that dozens of times. So annoying!)

Another gripe that comes to mind with Horizon was being unable to locate a link to the Admin Console -- but I believe they've made that difficult now in any of the schemes. (????) I'd have to check to be sure, but I think that's true. Anyway, I recall after much frustration that I added the link to the Admin Console in an entry -- and then added that entry to both my Memories and Tags. Yes, this is annoying, as you have to use the Admin Console now and then (such as for banning)...

(And I guess when you do they expect you to either know it by heart, or go digging for it in the FAQ. I'm not a fan of wasting time trying to locate things. Seriously.)

I already see things about Vertigo I don't care for, but maybe time will change my mind.


I'm still a pretty big fan of Dystopia (which is why my icon displayed here looks like that scheme, by the way).

Okay, and I had to laugh when I read about the 'confusion' between the two terms 'Pictures' and 'Userpics' -- seeing as probably 90% (or more) of the people I know never call these userpics, anyway. As we all know, they call these icons. Say! I can remember the days when that really threw me, as there wasn't a soul who talked about uploading new userpics! And there's certainly no communities that are talking about sharing new userpics, either.

Seriously, do any of you think of them as something other than ICONS? I'd be interested to know that!

Makes you wonder at what point you finally give in and admit that the term being used is confusing to people -- and that they obviously want you to call these icons -- doesn't it? (grin)

This lines up nicely with the fact that I always call myself a moderator of communities (or assistant moderator) -- and certainly not a maintainer, which is the LiveJournal term.

Again, why fight it?

I think most of us who are moderating call ourselves moderators -- and call what we're doing moderating. Well, this sort of thing is what genuinely does generate additional confusion here at LJ, in my not so humble opinion.

Hey, but what do I know? (grin)

Anyway, I'll give Vertigo a try and see how it goes. But the minute I'm too frustrated to get things done here, then I'm back to good old Dystopia. Life is confusing enough without adding to it. And it's interesting when I hear exactly how many other people feel the same about Dystopia. I remember at one point that a bunch of us were emailing one another to make sure we all knew the advantages of using a good viewing scheme. It just makes me glad that Dystopia happened to be the default back when I first joined LJ, because I'm not sure I'd have hung in there if I'd been dealing with either Horizon or Vertigo...

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