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What next, the plagues of Egypt???

I've been seeing a few ants in my bathroom and in the office.

I was going to do a 'Scarlett Update' today, but got too busy. Anyway, she put in a bad day yesterday (common after getting her shot) -- and a bad morning today. But in the afternoon she began eating again, which was wonderful!

This evening I took my normal nap, but didn't wake up until just past 3 a.m. (I guess because of being sick and medicated). Colin was sleeping in his 'cat bed' and Marilyn mistressmarilyn was fast asleep on the sofa in the family room.

But Scarlett was nowhere in sight...

So I head to the kitchen and hear her screaming for attention.

I figure it's because she wants to go downstairs and can't manage to climb the long flight of stairs. (Which is probably part of what was up.)

But I get to her bowl of food in the kitchen and find it black with ants. Swarming with the little bastards! (ugh)

So I put it under hot water from the tap and wash it out and fix a new bowl. I then carry it downstairs to the family room in one hand, with Scarlett gently cradled in my free arm. But, boy, she's pretty pissed off! So she wouldn't even look at her bowl and huffed off somewhere while I came back upstairs to get ready to actually go to bed. (sigh)

So now I've got to get up tomorrow morning and deal with the f-ing ants, on top of everything else...

Yes, I'm bitching. I'd love to sleep in. I don't feel all that well. I've got loads of work to do. I've got a very sick cat to deal with. And now ants.

Okay, so it's not that big a deal... Granted. I'll be better by morning, I swear.

But those ants are goners as soon as I get a can of ant spray!!!

Enough said.

Time for bed!

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