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Busy, Fun, Busy, Fun! (heh)

It's been crazy busy lately...

But it's been fun, too!

Friday night we went to see Rod Stewart in concert, with friends Mitch and Marcia. Wow -- does he put on a great show! I was actually surprised! And his band (which has a lot of women) is fabulous!

(I'm stunned to discover that he apparently doesn't have a decent website anywhere... What's that about?)

We had 'club level' tickets, which are just below the suite level tickets, and very nice. No, we didn't pay for them -- our friend Cathy got them for us (free). You have to show your ticket to even get on the floor where the seats are accessed -- and there are bars and concessions especially for club ticket holders. Cool!

Mitch was a blast to sit with, by the way! I'm so glad he went.

Today Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to tan at our local Desert Tan. Then we had Starbucks and drove out to Champoeg Park (we're members of Friends of Champoeg Park, by the way). We went to get our Oregon State Park pass (running a necessary errand, in other words), but we also visited the DAR Mothers Memorial Cabin and walked over to the Pioneer Memorial Pavilion Area, too. (There was a group of girls -- Girl Scouts? -- visiting the cabin while we were there, learning how to card wool and knead bread. Very cute! Plus they had a living history character there...)

(We believe in supporting state parks, by the way. We got the two-year pass, so we're good to go!)

Yes, I did take photos, but have yet to download them...

We're talking about going to a movie with Mitch tonight (maybe). We all want to go see "300" (with Gerard Butler). We'll have to see how we feel later on...

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