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I Won! I'm So Excited... LOL...

I won a blend challenge! I'm so amazed! This win came as a total surprise...

It was a challenge at blendage...

Okay, there were only six entries. But I still took 1st place out of six. So I'm delighted. I had no idea I'd win.

It means a lot because I so adore Ryan Seacrest! (So does Marilyn mistressmarilyn, of course.) It was like a tribute to Ryan, actually...

(Kevin has already written and asked me to turn it into a wallpaper for Boy Band Fic. Actually, he also wants my non-winning Britney blend, so... LOL.)

I thought Nik nk_seashore might win an award for his Britney blend, while we're on the subject. I thought it was pretty incredible, personally. LOL. (Mine was 'fine.')

For those interested, you can view my winning blend here. (Go Ryan!)

It was such fun to discover I'd won...

Marilyn and I had been gone for an overnight vacation. (This is Marilyn's birthday weekend, seeing as her bday falls next Wednesday. So she took off after half a day on Thursday and dashed home, then we packed and headed to the beach! LOL. More about that soon...)

When we got back I didn't get online for some time. When I did, I was messing around with other non-LJ things...

I decided to go in and check on my friends and lo and behold! Surprise, Charlie! LOL.

Well, it's almost 2 a.m. and we're going to have our apple sauce and coffee and then head to bed, I imagine. We have movies we want to watch, so we might do that. Or not. LOL.

Marilyn's off through Monday, so this is quite a delight! (She certainly deserves the time off.)

I'll have to put my hand to a few more blend challenges in future, I suppose. (It's something that fulfills that artistic side of me, I guess... Ah, to think I almost pursued an art career at one point! ROFL.)

More about our little getaway holiday tomorrow...

[Small aside: We listened to J.C. Chasez's CD all the way home from the beach. It's excellent! Well, we both love it, anyway...]


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