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Some Trillium Icons -- Thanks to florentinescot!

I couldn't help myself -- I saw these amazing photos of trillium that my LJ friend florentinescot shared in her journal, so I just had to try my hand at a few quick icons...

I started out with this one:
trillium 1 - BASE

And made eight versions, including this one:
trillium 1 - 6

If interested, you can see the rest under the cut...

Plays with Trillium
trillium 1 - 1trillium 1 - 2
trillium 1 - 3trillium 1 - 4
trillium 1 - 5trillium 1 - 6
trillium 1 - 7trillium 1 - 8

I'm always amazed by the many, many effects you can apply to one image. The above samples are just the tip of the iceberg, frankly.

By the way, I do this sort of thing constantly, though I rarely share the results. Or I'll end up sharing one icon out of dozens of versions, more likely. (heh)

I do love the artistry involved in making icons. I'm certainly not as talented as many of the really great icon makers out there, but I do love to dabble with creating them, even so...
Tags: 2007, florentinescot, icons, march-2007

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