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Still Alive! (grin)

First off, Scarlett, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I would sincerely like to offer big hugs to all those people who commented and/or wrote to us (or both) in response to my recent entry where I reported the imminent intent to euthanize Kittie Scarlett. (I have some wonderful friends here at LJ -- no doubt about it! Thanks!)

Quoting Mark Twain, Scarlett says, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." She said it in 'cat language,' though, so you might not have known what she was saying... (grin)

So what happened? I wrote the above-linked entry at 10:02 a.m. on Friday -- and we had an appointment to put her down at 10:40.

Well, Marilyn came home from work and we were giving her some 'last chance loving' -- and I was holding her in my arms, planning to carry her that way to the vet.

But she was struggling to get down -- and struggling hard!

Finally Scarlett jumped down -- and literally ran into the kitchen, where she started to gobble down food! Marilyn and I just stood there staring at one another as we watched. But it was clear that Scarlett wasn't quite ready to go -- and neither of us was quite ready to put her down while she was so clearly perky and lively!

I guess the bottom line is that Scarlett is a survivor. And she always has been, or she'd never have been alive to come into our lives in the first place, sweet little 'rescue cat' that she is!

Playing God -- even in the case of a cat -- is tough work. It's never easy to decide when is the 'right' time. Marilyn and I decided we needed to give her more time, so we called and cancelled our appointment. They were so good about it, considering they'd gone out of their way to schedule us in while most of the vets were away at a conference.

And Scarlett?

Well, she ate, then she drank a bunch of water and jumped up on the sofa to her favorite spot where she proceeded to 'caw' at birds in the backyard.

The reason we'd decided to put her down in the first place was because she was just awful Thursday night. None of us got any sleep that night, by the way. (And that wasn't a good thing, considering Marilyn had to do a lengthy radio interview first thing Friday morning -- and I was still fighting whatever bug I've been beating back for the past two weeks. But what the hell!)

Amazingly enough, Scarlett's now making a huge effort to eat. She hasn't thrown up since Thursday night and has finished off a couple bowls of food. She's still skinny as a rail, but who knows? Maybe she can put some weight back on in the next few days.

Marilyn and I decided we'd play it one day at a time. As long as she doesn't seem to be suffering -- and shows signs of enjoying her life -- then we'll keep her with us and wait on putting her down.

Right now she's actually in the living room looking out the window. Here's a small version of the photo I just went out and took -- ready to be made into an icon!

Scarlett better (icon base)

Scarlett Better, March 10
I just shot this photo a few minutes ago. There's some glare from the flash hitting her eyes, but trust me when I say she's looking a ton better right now than she had! Look how fluffy and silky her fur looks. Plus she doesn't have the crusty stuff around her nose that she's been having and her eyes are clear and bright.

Scarlett very sick
I think you can see how sick she was by looking at this photo (even though she still looks very cute). Actually, her eyes still look amazing here -- and you really can't tell how scruffy her fur was... But this isn't her from her worst moments, admittedly. (I was too busy to bother with taking photos then!)

Well! Guess who just came to get into my lap??? Sweet little baby!

I doubt I need to say that I'm feeling pretty happy right now, right? And very lucky, too.

So if we have her for another day -- or another week (or longer) -- we'll simply make the most of every moment. Again, we won't let her suffer. (I can't tell you how many cats I've had put down in my life, so I'm very used to making this decision for my pets.) But we're not going to rush things, either.

And once more, there aren't words to express how grateful I am for all the support you lovely people have offered to us!

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