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Special Moment -- Greeting an Iraq War Soldier! (And Scarlett Update. Again.)

How amazing it is to have the opportunities we do...

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Marilyn mistressmarilyn personally creates many of these! (smile)

Her latest triumph?

We joined a large group at the airport to welcome back Robbie -- who just returned from Iraq. Marilyn put this together during a meeting Wednesday morning, if you can believe that. She had all the major players there in the meeting and asked them to help make it happen, which it did (in spades)!

And the Mayor of Portland declared today an official Robbie Appreciation Day -- pretty cool!

Robbie's mother Doxie (who is a dear friend), his father and family were all there to meet him, too. Doxie now lives in Washington, D.C. -- so it had been ages since I last saw her! What a pleasure to give her a big hug!

As I said, Marilyn helped organize the huge group of greeters -- and part of the idea was to help give a push to the upcoming 'Victory Parade' -- which will be one section of this year's Centennial GFP.

Anyway, Robbie was invited to march. And the festival is inviting servicemen and women -- and veterans (any who can still fit in their uniforms) -- to march, as well. The plan is to put the largest group of military personnel ever seen marching down the streets of Portland. Wouldn't that be wonderful??? We're very excited about it!

Listening to Robbie speak was emotional. Our association president was in tears when it was her time to speak and had to keep dabbing her eyes. Robbie mentioned that he lost two close friends in Iraq.

Originally we were supposed to be meeting him at around 4:30 -- but it got pushed back to 7:30 (and ended up taking quite some time). Apparenty he was held up in customs in Canada, of all places! That wouldn't have mattered much, but I'm still feeling under the weather (sigh). I didn't take any meds today, because I didn't want to be any more drowzy than I was! I was living on coffee, Red Bull and soda, trying to jack myself up for the event! I'm glad I went, even so. I didn't want to miss it! As I said before, it's amazing to be part of something like that. What an honor.

I just saw coverage of the event on the Channel 2 news (Channel 8 was also there, we're hopefully taping that...) -- and I heard my voice during it. (grin) They interviewed Marilyn for Channel 8, but there's no telling if they'll use the footage or not. (Good story on 2, though...)

Well, we got home around 9:00 p.m. Scarlett was howling as we came in -- she's always right at the door to howl at Marilyn for leaving her during the day! (Sweet thing.)

Poor Scarlett isn't doing well at all. We're actually thinking of having her put down on Saturday, so we can both go together and do it.

Yes, it's heartbreaking. She's so affectionate with Marilyn and there's clearly so much love there...

Well, I'm dead beat, so I'm off to bed, thank God! I have a ton to do, but it can wait until tomorrow...
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