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Poor Scarlett... and Busy Day!

Poor Kittie Scarlett.

She's bad this evening. In fact, she's had a rough day.

She just sat in front of her dish for half an hour, not eating. It's clear she's hungry -- but she can't get herself to eat. Then I rushed her in for a cortisone shot (thanks to wonderful friend Jim who took us there) and Dr. McC. came out of surgery to check her over. She's lost another three ounces -- which is probably like a person dropping twenty pounds! She's all skin and bones now.

Then this afternoon she ate a tiny bit. And later she threw that up.

It's awful when she gets sick and throws up. She does this terrible loud howling thing that you can't believe is coming out of such a tiny little cat! It's clear she's suffering and in pain when she does that. And yet last night she slept with Marilyn mistressmarilyn in bed -- and Marilyn said she purred quite loudly for at least half an hour.

We're just not ready to give up yet.

She's so perky much of the time! Today I had a work-related meeting here at the house, and she was all over Penny! It was so sweet.

Every person who meets her remarks on her beautiful green eyes and sweet disposition.

Anyway, we'll see how she does with the shot (which lasts five days) and go from there, I guess. (Marilyn is so determined not to let go of her right now...)

Well, I slept in until after 9:00 a.m. this morning. I was running a fever last night, but did manage to do a ton on my project (right up until midnight) -- and then finish the thing after I rose this morning. I'm glad my part is done -- so now they can do whatever needs doing to get it completed. It's going to be a set of commemorative playing cards -- each one will have a historical image displayed on the face.

Makes me glad I'm so comfortable working with Paint Shop Pro, by the way, as I did all the image work there.

I also finished up my part of the flyer that we're going to be handing out starting tomorrow. (Marilyn did the actual writing of the copy for it -- and then tweaked it nicely for the final product.) I took a photo of our living history Mayor Harry Lane and used a public-domain Uncle Sam image to add a pointing finger and top hat. Then I 'cartooned' the original photo. It turned out pretty nice for a down-and-dirty job.

We're going to put a huge parade of servicemen and women -- and veterans -- on the streets of Portland as part of the parade this year. It should be really impressive! I'm very excited about it. Another one of Marilyn's amazing ideas!

This Centennial is really her baby, though. She conceived it and has worked to make it a reality.

Yesterday Jeff took her for a walk and said exactly that to her. I think it's great that he did that. She certainly deserves kudos for this effort.

Things remain both 'high energy' and stressful around the office, though. (yikes) What a balancing act Marilyn performs every day!

Not my personal strong suit, I guess. But I'm happy to be able to help out in whatever ways I can...

We had a weird power outage here today! (ugh)

I was in the middle of the flyer project. I had it open in Word and was actually printing out a draft when the power in the entire house went out. So I phoned my neighbor and discovered they were out, too. I was debating whether or not to call PGE (our power company) when the power came on again!

My damn 'dear' computer is running through the stupid-assed You've-turned-the-computer-off-incorrectly (duh!) cycle where it checks sectors, yada-yada. I'm slightly stressed that I've got a major computer crash happening. And suddenly the power goes off again!

After that I said 'what the hell' and decided to relax. It must have been a sign that I needed a nap (I was feeling lousy anyway). I did talk to a couple of people on my cell, though. I found myself clinging to it, because all the phones in our house go dead when we lose power, as they require electricity to work.

Anyway, I grabbed up a flashlight and my cell and a mountain fleece blankey and laid down on the couch upstairs for a nap. I woke up from it in a frenzy, though, as it's my garbage night -- and I'd wanted to get that all done before it got dark (and cold) outside! Thankfully I got most of it done before Marilyn got home from work, anyway.

Now it's our evening 'nap time' -- so I'm headed for a nap. I'll get up and finish the garbage and recycling -- and maybe post some icons! I really need to do that...

I want to write in my blog more often, but it's just so busy, busy, busy now! But, really, that's a good thing.

I did get pretty pissed off when I went outside while doing the garbage to discover a pile of rose clippings lying in the grass next to the driveway -- considering the yard men were here today! Shit, could they ever once look around that area more carefully? I've complained and complained about things being left there, more times than I like to think. Usually I'm pretty nice when I phone, but today I got the machine and I was annoyed. So I said I was 'sorry' about the tone -- but I didn't feel well, I was putting in long, long hours and I expected the work done for me to be done right. (Plus I mentioned I was pissed off.) Seriously, I don't do that most of the time. Timing is everything, I guess! Hell, we pay a lot for that service -- and I already had a gripe for something that they promised to do the last time and didn't get done! So just do what you're being paid for, okay? Okay.

On that note, clearly I need a nap! (smile)

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