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Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a busy, busy day. (whew)

I was supposed to go in and work in the office, but instead I said I'd be there tomorrow -- which was apparently fine with those involved in the project I'm going to work on. (I figured it would be. As I told Penny, what the hell would they say? 'No, we'll do it ourselves. You don't need to come in because it needs to be done today.' Sure. Right!)

Tonight was our Writing Circle meeting. Yesterday I'd cooked, so I decided to actually serve dinner, rather than the usual snacks. I'd made a curried chicken and rice casserole -- and I'd also made stuffed green peppers. Well, there was so much 'stuffing' for the peppers left over that I turned that into another beef and tomato casserole -- which was delicious, by the way! So I served both of these, along with a Fiesta salad. The whole thing made for a nice meal, anyway. (And as Marilyn mistressmarilyn pointed out, men will eat anything, anyway!) It was pleasant to have them tell me what a 'good cook' I am, even though I had to laugh in response, as those two casseroles were far from actual cooking! Or as I've always said, anybody can cook a little bit. (And I've taught my 'tricks' to a lot of women over the years, too...

I spent a bunch of time actually cleaning house today, along with getting a bit more organized. And I took care of several phone calls and emails and other things that had been piling up.

What I didn't finish was my actual story for the get-together! But I read what I had and was praised, even so. I guess I'll finish it before moving on to the new topic. (We plan to meet next on Monday, April 9 -- which is two days after Marilyn's birthday.)

By the way, we leave for our short trip to Vegas on April 12, which we're really (really, really) looking forward to!

I'm also working in the office this coming Friday. After work Marilyn and I have free tickets to go see Rod Stewart in concert. (I just googled the concert and found out that the cheapest seats are $100, so that's a pretty nice gift. Our friend works at the Rose Garden arena and offered them, so we said 'sure!' We wouldn't have paid to go, but why not if it's free?)

I got a new pair of jeans over the weekend that I plan to wear. Fun!

Kittie Scarlett was darling with Peter tonight! The second he arrived she came up to him and cried until he picked her up! Then she was all over Dick, too (who was dressed in a suit, so he didn't hold her). She ended up sleeping curled up between them the entire evening! It was nice to see her so perky and lively. (She didn't eat much today, though...)

Marilyn was on the news this evening -- the first time this year. She looked fabulous (and did her usual great job). It was so cool the way her eyes seemed to 'sparkle' while she was talking! I had to make a joke that it reminded me of the TV show "The Monkees" -- and how they used to make Davy Jones' eyes sparkle. (grin)

There's been good media for the festival recently. Front page coverage (!!!) on Saturday -- and a big column (half page) report on Sunday. Good deal! (Marilyn was heavily quoted for both...)

I've got a bunch of festival work to do here at home, too. I need to get started on the PowerPoint presentation I'm doing. And I've started a flyer we're going to be handing out on Friday, but it needs tweaking. There's tons of work. I could just be doing it day and night, frankly.

I just learned how to do PowerPoint recently (it's easy, I think) -- and I've got a manual for it that I'd like to study, so I can learn to do some of the more 'fancy' things.

Hey! Marilyn was just on the late night (11:00) news! Cool... (Yes, a repeat of the story from earlier. Smaller, this time -- but Marilyn was still in!)

Sister Sue brought by her check today for the Centennial Ball, I'm happy to say. It's close to being sold out, so that was a good thing! I gave her a stuffed green pepper to take home and cook -- and some of the chips from Tom.

Oh! Have I said before that Tom brought us another big box of chips??? He did! Mainly Cheetos (and my beloved Dill Pickle Chips). A good thing, as I seem to be able to eat Cheetos even when I can't think of eating anything else...

Rain, rain and more rain! (ugh) But at least it was blue skies and warmer today! In fact, so warm that I actually turned on our central air for the very first time! I didn't leave it on for long though, as they'd told me to wait until it was really warm out to test it. (My bad.) And it was cool downstairs -- and got too cold very quickly! (yikes)

I finally hooked up our duel VCR/DVD player/recorder today! In the past I only had it set up so that we could turn video tapes (VHS) into DVDs (which we've done a couple of times with some vintage things). But I wanted to be able to record to DVD when Marilyn was on the news -- and it worked like a charm! (The quality is unbelieveable, by the way.)

I've got a big batch of animated St. Patrick's Day icons to share for seasonal_icons -- when I find the time to load them up! And I've been working on some non-animated ones, too. I need to get with it, as St. Paddy's Day isn't far off now! (Of course, I've also got tons of Easter and Spring icons in the works, if I ever find time to finish them up...)

Well, this is long enough (and then some), so I'll end. Busy week coming up, so I should get to bed soon. (I'm still fighting a cold and not ready to give in just yet!)

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