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When it Rains . . . Yeah.

. . . it certainly pours.

Remember Scarlett's vet appointment?

I took her in on Tuesday -- and she was so shook up (poor little thing) that she almost managed to tear her way out of the cardboard cat carrier. (Which is something no other cat I've ever owned has come close to managing, for the record!)

She's lost two pounds since she was last in to the vet in April 2006.

That might not sound much for a person, but she only weighs a little over four pounds right now -- so that's almost half her current body weight!

Anyway, $300 later, the results of her (very, very) expensive blood test were inconclusive.

There are high/odd liver numbers. And her cholesterol is very low. These are things our vet has seen in cats with malnutrition, but the liver situation is a Catch 22. Liver issues can cause a cat to lose appetite, so that might be why she eats so little. Or eating so little might be what's causing the liver thing. He wants to 'wait' on a liver ultrasound for now.

Good thing, because after spending $300 on her vet bill, we're not about to spend whatever horrible cost would be involved in a liver ultrasound! Give me a break, please.

(And both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I need to go to the dentist, but have put it off because of the cost... Hell, we're more likely to spend the money on our cats. But even so, this expense is way out of control...)

Oh. The low cholesterol might be a result of not getting enough fat in (certainly not my problem) -- and the liver processes fat (whatever that means here -- I'm just repeating what he said).

On the other hand, since the vet visit, Scarlett seems to be eating better! WTF???

The vet wanted us to crate her at night with her bowl of food -- so we could 'count the calories' she's getting. Marilyn put her foot down on that one, thankfully!

But Scarlett is still only eating her tuna -- no matter what else I try to feed her. (sigh) I guess time will tell on all this.

And waiting for the results of the test yesterday? Not a good thing. I was told he'd phone me -- but when I hadn't heard anything by 4:30 p.m., I called the office. I was told he'd been in surgery all day (Wednesday is always his surgery day -- has been forever) and that he'd call me in 'the evening.' As we didn't get the actual call until 7:30, I'd say that decidedly the evening!

I'm holding Scarlett on my lap right now, by the way.

Marilyn just phoned to tell me she'd lost her Starbucks card.

No big deal? Well, it's a vintage card that she's had forever and really loves. It can't be replaced, in other words. And she just put $50 on it yesterday, so that's like losing $50 in cash (which we really can't afford to lose). But as she said to me, it's the loss of that special card that has her bummed out...

EDIT: She found it in her bag! Thank heaven!

About work... (sigh)

There's been some crap going on at work. I'm sure part of it is due to the level of stress everyone is experiencing -- which is more than I've ever seen there for February, frankly.

And, yeah, Marilyn and I are big girls and can certainly suck it up and move on. None of it is earth-shattering stuff, even though we've spent a lot of time talking it over -- and worrying it like that proverbial dog with his bone.

We've both been pissed off and we've both been upset and we've both felt under-valued. But time will heal that, I'm sure. As Marilyn says, the further away from it we get, the better we'll feel about it.

Because we both believe that everything happens for a reason, this has been a sort of 'heads up' to try and be less intense all the time about the festival and work -- which is hard, I admit. We're both very, very passionate about the festival -- and especially so during this Centennial year.

But Marilyn has really lightened up this week, taking breaks during the day (which she rarely does) and coming home at reasonable times. Plus she's actually taking Friday (tomorrow) off!!! (Which is a very good thing.)

I wonder if she's shared her annoyance and upset with others? This would be a great time for Tom to send her more flowers... (smile)

And, hell, while he's at it, he could send me more Cheetos! (grin)

We've got ants in the house. In the office and upstairs (my) bathroom. And sometimes in the kitchen. In February. We never have ants in February! I have no idea what gives, but I suppose I need to do something about it soon...

I've got some new health issue going on...

This thing where I throw up all the time -- or am nauseous all the time -- is really annoying.

I never know if a meal will 'rest' inside me. I never know when I'll suddenly need to throw up.

One day I hadn't eaten a bite -- I'd only had a few sips of coffee from Starbucks. I was hungry and we were getting ready to go out to dinner with sister Sue. Then I had to throw up -- but there wasn't really anything to throw up. Weird.

Afterwards I was fine. We went to dinner and I ate food and didn't get sick after eating.

Thankfully, one of the things I can always keep down is Cheetos -- so I've been eating a lot of those! (Which I've been able to do because Tom brought us another box of chips that contained several bags. Sweet man. I doubt we'd ever go and buy that many bags, believe me!)

I'm not delighted about the idea of seeing the doctor, as I think this is totally tied to my vertigo -- and frankly, they don't know much about the condition, or what to do about it. So why waste time and money seeing the doctor for no good reason?

Which is a perfect circle back to things with Scarlett, I guess... (sigh)

And I think I'm currently fighting off a cold. I haven't given in at present -- and hope that I'll be able to stay healthy (in spite of what I just described, I mean).

I've been able to ride my bike recently, which is a good thing.

Of course the last few days it's been too cold to do more than go out to feed the birds! Winter is back for now. Brr!

I haven't written anything recently -- but I need to get with it, as our Writing Circle is meeting on Monday night next week! (yikes) So I need 2,000 plus words on our topic done by then...

The last time we met Dick wasn't there -- as he was down in New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity. I'm sure he'll have a lot of stories to tell us about his experience! As Marilyn and I both love New Orleans, we're anxious to know more about the situation on a firsthand basis...

I need to do some actual work now, so I'm finally going to end (aren't you relieved???)... I have that PowerPoint presentation to do, a work-related blog to add to and some emails to send out. (Not to mention housework that needs attending -- but what the hell it can wait! Or not -- as I've got company here Monday night! And we do plan to go in to work one day this weekend...) Best get busy!

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