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Oscar Party Tonight!

We're attending an Oscar party tonight that's being held by our friends Pat and Pat (he and she who have the same first name!).

They live in a historic house that's located in the Columbia River Gorge. I guess the official name is 'Forest House,' and it was built in 1915. Here's a post card photo of it right after it was finished:

Forest House, Columbia River Gorge

You can see the larger version under the cut!

Forest House, Columbia River Gorge

I couldn't find a current photo, even though I was sure I'd taken some! I'll have to try and snap a few today. That might be difficult, as we're having rainy weather currently... (sigh)

The invite instructed as to come in costume, representing one of our favorite movies! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had been pretty uninspired until yesterday, mainly because we've been so busy. But she's now going as Charlie from "Top Gun" (wearing my leather bomber jacket with patches). And while watching one of the Star Wars movies this morning, Marilyn decided I should wear black pants, my 'Sith Happens' tee shirt and my black cape -- and go as Anakin/Darth Vader. Good call! That's exactly what I plan to do.

Sister Sue had long ago decided she wanted to be Mame from the film "Auntie Mame" (a fave of all three of us, featuring the marvelous Rosalind Russell) -- so I helped her come up with a costume that I think will be pretty cool! Long glittery dress, a jacket that's beaded and sequinned, a feather boa, Marilyn's vintage (expensive!) hat -- and Sue bought a cigarette holder that uses fake cigarettes so she can pretend to smoke it, like Mame did. (smile)

I need to remember to get photos of everyone!!!

I wish I had a toy lightsaber...

Marilyn says I need to keep putting the hood up and try to look angsty and mysterious. (heh) And I need to put a lot of black around my eyes.

Anyway, Pat and Pat are great fun -- and their house is very cool. It should be a blast!

I need to run (obviously)...

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