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Harry Potter Fans -- A Question...

I wasn't paying attention (obviously), or I wouldn't need to ask -- so forgive me in advance!

I swear I heard a promo for one of the HP movies, saying it was being played on network television (here in the U.S.) with added content (that wasn't released in theaters, in other words).

Does anybody know anything about this? Is it true, or not?

I also swear the promo said this was playing tomorrow night...

When I told Marilyn mistressmarilyn, she suggested it might be a syndicated thing (rather than national). We couldn't find it listed on cable, for the record.

They said it was airing twice, though I didn't catch the times, either. (I'm a big help...)

Anyway, I'd like to try and tape it, if it's happening. (We'll be up the Gorge at an Oscars party, so we won't be home to check it in person.)

Thanks in advance for any additional information you might have!

Tags: 2007, february-2007, harry-potter

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