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Tuesday, Already? Where'd Monday Go?

Okay, I was going to post here about the weekend, so I can't figure out how Monday dashed on by me... LOL.

I rode my bike today. The weather was lovely--just like a spring (almost summer?) day. Especially for Portland!

I actually rode my bike twice today! The first time was strictly for exercise. The second was to aid in the hunt for a four-year-old boy who'd gone off on his little red bike and eluded his mother!

(She'd been sure the older sister was watching out for the adventurous little man! But sister was having a time getting him to mind. LOL.)

Mama told me she wasn't going to let him ever ride that bike again! But if you could have seen his serious (round and sweet) little face, you'd know she won't resist him for long!

(Mama was a very large and substantial black woman. Son was a half white, half black boy. Very pretty with rather orange-ish hair...)

Quite a little scare for our neighborhood! LOL.

(I didn't know Mama or either of the kids, so they must be several blocks away. It's surprising how many people I know in the immediate area, really...)

So this weekend! LOL.

We went shopping on Saturday. Marilyn got some nice shoes--and I got several tees from Old Navy.

Sunday we headed out to potentially shop again, but came up against the Daffodil Festival traffic (ugh) and decided against trying the necessary exit from the freeway! (The line of traffic headed that direction was horrid.)

We ended up driving all the way to Salem, believe it or not!

We noticed something interesting and got rather curious about it... (If any of you know the answer, I hope you'll share!)

We saw several bikers (as in motorcycles) on the road. Every time those in front of us would encounter bikers headed the opposite direction on the road, they'd extend their arms (both driver and passenger, by the way) and make some 'signal' to one another.

It looked like they were extending a couple of fingers, but it was hard to tell for certain...

Got me to talking about the courtesy of fellow bike riders on the street.

It doesn't matter if you're a 'serious' bike rider (cool, sleek helmets and clothes, bent nearly double and always in the actual street), a kid at play or someone using the bike as transport, like me (the type who generally ride on the sidewalks, but still use helmets and gear like my awesome basket-style side-saddles). When you encounter another bike rider you generally nod at one another. Or give a small wave, sometimes.

Some days we might even speak a word or two. LOL. That's more likely to happen if both bikers are stopped, though. Say at a light. Or meeting outside a store. (I've had my side-saddle baskets admired on many an occasion. I can carry a full grocery sack on either side, which I do often...)

I wonder if the greeting those motorcycle bikers share is something like that? (Note that they didn't share it with any bike riders--as in bicycles--that they encountered. LOL.)

Just curious, I guess!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn thought it might be a Harley thing. Could be!

Takes me back to my teenage years when bikers had some serious clout! LOL.

Cousin Linda moved again. She's left the motel for an actual house! One room (shared with her boyfriend)--but access to the kitchen and laundry room! (Free laundry had her very happy.)

She was slightly upset, but still in good spirits. Her sister Nancy had crapped all over her yet again. Offered to help them move this past Saturday, but didn't show--and didn't explain why, either.

Marilyn was dismayed when she heard. Linda didn't even try to call us, and we'd have gone to help her! We'd have only had the car, but it would have been better than trying to move everything they own on the bus...

Linda still never fails to amaze me. She has every possible reason to be depressed at a time like this. And yet she stays matter-of-fact at worst and upbeat, for the most part.

Makes me ashamed to ever complain about our lot, frankly. (Not that we complain very much, to be honest. Marilyn and I know we're very lucky. And whether we have to work hard or go through rough times, we never forget how blessed we are.)

I noticed today that Aunt Dorothy's ceramic chamber pot didn't survive the rough winter weather. Sigh. It was probably an antique, though that never mattered to us. But it had been Aunt Dorothy's, given to us years back when we had an upstairs bedroom and long (long) walk at night to get to a bathroom. LOL.

In other words, it was originally given to us functionally! (Aunt Dorothy must have known the pain it was to try to get downstairs quietly late at night to pee. LOL.)

When we moved out and no longer had the staircase to contend with, we moved it with us. Then when we moved into this house we filled it with hens and chicks (a plant Dad gave us). It's so pretty to look at!

I should have taken the pot in. But it's survived other winters just fine! We also lost the cute sunflower pitcher that we planted rose begonias in. And the white ceramic rose pot. (Rose in bas relief all around it.) Oh well. As Marilyn said, we're not collectors. We could squirrel 'treasures' away and never see them. But we prefer to use them and enjoy them...

There were so few things of Aunt Dorothy's, is all. Sigh.

And as Marilyn mentioned, so very few pictures of her!

We need to scan a batch and get them up to our family website. The idea delights us both! Think of the access. Rather than putting them in an album that would sit at home, Marilyn could go to the site at work and enjoy the pictures. Or we could share them with family and friends across the country and around the world...

Well, it's heading on 1 a.m. now, so I should go to bed, I suppose.

We had watermelon tonight! (Fruit is allowed. LOL. No candy or dessert-type sweets, though, until Lent is over...)

This was a miniature seedless watermelon! The size of a cantalope, I guess. Tasty! The one watermelon was perfect for us to have two treats each...

Imagine! Watermelon in March! We felt like queens eating it...

By the way, I love my new 'A river runs through it' icon! I still need to teach that effect at psp7_beginners and psp8_fun! (I started a tutorial, but... LOL.)


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