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It's COLD Again...

So, after having some spring weather temps in the 60s, we're back to winter again here in Portland. Of course, winter in Portland is a lot warmer than winter in many places, so I'm only whining a little. (grin)

But it's currently in the low 40s, so I feel cold today. Brr!

Charlie will now admit a bad habit!

Okay. Deep breath. I have a tendency to type entries directly into the 'update' window at the LJ website. My bad (seriously). I also will generally filter (lock) these entries so that only I can see them. I do this while I'm originally writing something, in case I don't get to finish it at the point where I'm (first) typing it up. (Which is almost always, by the way!)

I know, I know -- it's a bad, bad habit! It means that lots of times I never remember to make the entry public. Or otherwise I'll end up doing so days or weeks later.



For those who missed it, I did add an entry this past Wednesday that I didn't unlock until... I can't remember when!

Note to Self: It's only Friday right now, idiot. So it must have been yesterday that I made it public! (duh)

As a rule I wouldn't bother linking such an entry, but in this case I discussed MySpace.Com -- and I'm curious about how many of my LJ friends have accounts there. Consider it research and please respond! (smile) Seriously, the whole thing has come up at work, so...

Anyway, as I noted in my Wednesday entry, I now (finally) have a MySpace account. I doubt I'll spend much time there -- and certainly not as much as I do here at LJ! But I guess I caved and wanted to know more about MySpace. Frankly, I don't get it. It certainly doesn't appear to be as easy to interact there as it is here!

Plus I've had requests to friend some 'adult' people. (sigh) Give me a break, will you, idiots?

Is it true that the general level of behavior there is 'bad teenie'? Just curious! Remember, I'm a total newbie, so...

And if any of you would care to friend me there, let me know... (smile)

So, in other news: I'm home today. Hurray! I need to do some work and things around the house and run some errands, but whatever. At least I'm home -- and not at work. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is out of the office for a strategic planning session (being held at the airport), which I think is a good thing. She's had a few issues at work this week, so a day away was a good thing. (Even if it's still a ton of work -- and means that she'll go back to 200+ emails to answer and a bunch of other stuff to deal with...)

We're thinking about going back to the office this evening (tonight?) to work, though. We both have piles to do, so it would really be a good idea. And we have an all-day film shoot on Saturday, plus an Oscar party we're attending on Sunday. So it would be nice to not have to go in over the weekend. (But we'll do it if we have to, of course!)

I got two more scrapbooks (on loan) to scan yesterday. They're fabulous! Property of the 1931 queen, Queen Rachel. Last night I let Jackie take home Phooty's scrapbook (1943 princess) to scan. There aren't very many people I'd trust with any of the Centennial/historical items I'm holding, but Jackie is certainly one I do! And it was so nice of her to offer to help out.

My current joke is that it should only take me 100 years to finish up all the scanning I need to do -- considering it's covering 100 years of history. (heh) I do love being 'in charge' of this, I must admit. So I need to stay with it as often as possible. (Daily? Maybe not. But as close as I can...)

I think I'll update separately about my current health thing. It's not a big deal, but it's kind of strange...

Yesterday was a bitch of a day, by the way. There's really no way I can put a 'positive spin' on it.

I was working on this huge work-related thing where I'd carefully selected images, resized them, enhanced them and added borders. Then my damn graphics software had an error and crashed on me -- and I lost everything! That was an hour and a half's worth of work, too. I finally got by Donn's to pick up the speakers (for Powerpoint presentations out-of-office) and the software to burn DVDs. Then I came back and tried to burn the one DVD I needed to make a copy of. No go. I tried five times and failed five times. (Two of the DVDs I ruined were expensive ones, too.) Donn's going to do it for me today, if I can get over there. So that's good, at least.

I also typed up some text -- with a bunch of links I'd researched and added, plus coding -- and had that crash on me, too. Another good 45 minutes wasted! By the way, I still had to repeat both tasks (image and text), which was not fun the second time around... (sigh)

My neighbors gave me a wonderful calendar (on loan) from 1982 to scan -- but they had a fight with each other when they did it. It was a bad scene. Ugly. (yikes) I spent what little time I was there with them trying to smooth it over... (sigh)

Then late in the day I got to the office only to find a very upset Marilyn -- having a meeting that I interrupted and was invited to leave. I didn't care about what was being said -- but I cared a lot that she was so shook up!

It's just been a tense week at work for her -- and there were a bunch of things going on that had piled up.

Plus I have my own little 'issue' going on, too.

Anyway, we went to our meeting with Jackie (mentioned above) and that was all good. Then we headed back to the office to log off our computers and get our stuff to go.

Let's just say that by the end of the day we were both majorly pissed off and in a snit. (grin) We're over it now, but it wasn't pretty last night.

For me, it's all about Marilyn getting the proper respect due her, no matter what. But I admit I expect to be treated well, too.

But people don't mean to be nasty -- they're all just stressed out. Things are so busy and so tense.

You know what? Sometimes knowing why something is happening and understanding the high emotions behind things just doesn't cut it. Sure, I get what's going on -- but I still don't like it. Well, whatever. I'm a big girl. I'll deal. And I've been around this thing for three (plus) decades, so...

Marilyn is powerful when she's angry. Hell, she's powerful when she's not angry. But seriously, don't cross her. It's not a smart thing to do...

I guess I'd better get back to work. I need to do something productive!

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