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Wednesday... Already???

Is it really Wednesday? Where did the first half of the week go?

Oh, we had a three-day weekend, that's right! (smile)

That was a good deal for us, because we put in a seven-and-a-half hour day on Monday -- but still had two whole days off! (And we didn't really do all that much work-related stuff at home on either Saturday or Sunday, believe it or not...)

Loads to tell -- and time seems to rush by these days!

Question: Who here has a MySpace.Com account?

Just curious! (Want to share your account names, anyone?)

(Yes, yes. I did set one up. To be honest, I think I'd set one up previously, too -- but lost track of it when I didn't do anything with it! Anyway, I made an account and did a layout, which was easier than I thought. In fact, I've made and tested several layouts... But I guess the question is, will I ever really use the account? And especially the way I use my LJ account? Naw!)

On a weird note...

I've been throwing up a lot lately. Or coming close to throwing up in some cases, but not quite doing it...

I'm guessing this is tied to my vertigo. I know people who have thrown up due to vertigo -- and this does seem to happen when I'm fighting off a bout of vertigo. It's not all that easy to fight off, by the way. (grin) Anyway...

I threw up on Saturday after eating chili. (I'd been craving it all week long, too.) Then I threw up on Sunday just before we were going out to dinner. I hadn't eaten anything all day -- and had only had a few sips of coffee from Starbucks. (In other words, there wasn't really anything to throw up.)

Yes. I still went out to dinner. And I ate just fine and didn't throw up. Weird.

So today I had my leftover taco for lunch and threw it up afterwards. And I haven't eaten another thing, but I'm feeling icky-to-my-stomach now. (sigh)

There's no way around it, I guess. But it's odder than hell! Marilyn mistressmarilyn says I'm turning into Sue (our older sister), who throws up a lot since her bypass surgery...

Well, thankfully I tend to get enough warning not to just throw up, period!

I did dishes today, did laundry, picked up the living room, finally put away the decorations from Valentine's Day (which I had, at least, taken down before now), trimmed back the roses (which will probably need some tweaking with help from Marilyn), did the garbage and recycling (I still need to change the cat boxes) and did a few things on the computer.

No, I didn't get to much here at LJ. I need to check on my moderation duties, which I haven't done at all recently...

I also need to read the recent entries of my friends and comment a bit. I'm way behind.

We got home from work around 8:00 p.m. last night, but we're never in the mood to do much in the evening other than eat and sleep.

Let's talk stress...

I don't think of the job at the festival as stressful, exactly. I'd say it's very 'high energy.' Or if you want to think stress, then think positive stress -- or maybe stress used in positive ways (???).

Regardless, whether it's stress or energy, it really can be physically exhausting. Marilyn seems less bothered than I am, to be honest. She's used to the pace and has always been fine with less sleep. Plus she's far more fit than I am.

But to avoid getting sick we both do need to get a lot of sleep -- meaning naps and sleep at night. So obviously something has to give. (smile) And as being on line is recreational (even when it's a kind of work, like tutorials), that's where things tend to slide... I feel like I'm years behind!

Well, I'll either 'catch up' or let it go and just move on. There's only so much time in a day, after all!

Marilyn and I did get a lot of rest on Saturday and Sunday, thankfully. I can't remember the last day off Marilyn had prior to this weekend. It was maybe three weeks without one! (yikes) It's a good thing we both love the festival so much, isn't it?

I had a lot to share and can't even remember everything I wanted to relate. My brain is fried. I have a bunch of actual work to do here at home (aside from household things, I mean), so I'd better get to it!

I just need to try and update more regularly...

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