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Score! Tom Sent Flowers...

Tom sent Marilyn mistressmarilyn flowers yesterday for Valentine's Day. Hell, not only did he send a dozen red, long-stemmed roses, but he also sent a red and white bouquet of carnations! (Two different flower gifts, in other words.) Make note, if you're a man who wants to impress, please... (grin)

Of course, she was hoping he'd send flowers -- and delighted when she finally got them! They came rather late in the day, so she didn't get the added delight of showing off to everyone in the office. (heh) But a few people saw them and were duly impressed... (And if you have to ask why that matters, then there's no explaining it to you. I mean, if the point isn't partly to impress the people you work with, then simply send the flowers to the house! Tom clearly gets this -- and it's not like we've had to tell him, either.)

Okay, I may not currently have a boyfriend in my life, but you know what? I still like Valentine's Day! It doesn't have to be wrapped up in romantic love. It's a fun and harmless little holiday that gives us an excuse to decorate with hearts and lace and eat candy (especially chocolate). So what the hell... I simply don't get being anti-Valentine's Day.

And don't get me wrong -- I love being single. I flirt my head off and have a lovely time doing it. I get lots of attention from people and don't feel ignored or unhappy.

But maybe it's what you make of it (as most things are, anyway) -- and lots of people prefer to be negative about it. (Hell, many people find excuses to be negative all the time, so that's no surprise...)

The office has been full of cookies, candy (mostly chocolates) and cupcakes this week. Everyone has been eating goodies galore... (Yes -- even the 'be good' people!)

Okay, but it is time to be good! (I'm talking about me now... Yikes!)

Why, yes -- we did bring home a pile of the wonderful catered food from the GFP party. (grin) Roast beef, chicken, turkey, ham, several cheeses, olives, veggies, loads of fruit (including grapes, pineapple and strawberries) -- and on and on. Enough for lunch tomorrow and then some! (Looks like we might both actually eat tomorrow!) But this didn't include a bunch of the fancy desserts, you'll note. So it doesn't fall on the 'bad' list, food-wise.

And speaking of scoring (we were earlier), Tom also brought us another huge box of chips! We took some in to share at work (big hit) -- and I gave a bag to sister Sue and family. There were Cheetos (big fave) -- plus some new things to try out... (I haven't been eating a ton of these recently -- but a few chips now and then are fine, as far as I'm concerned. Moderation, people. Moderation!)

Tom is a keeper! (smile)

Seriously, I need that nap now!

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