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Fuse Meme (Clever!)

I really like this... (Not sure why, but there it is! LOL.)

charliemc's Friend Fusion
...and ottoman I'd had them hold for me! (I couldn't face the line a second time! LOL.) It was much quieter stupid does". My subtitle is "Yes, Things Just Keep Getting Better" because that is the theme song to the show, ... ...Mama, but that's the hardest one to accept. I know I'm luckier than many, seeing as I have many straight and ... ...2nd request is for this picture: But erase the background and make it like, purple instead.... and have light purple and ...admit that I play on line erratically at best. I'm super busy in RL (work, school, girls). But I try, okay? ...Jesus Roman - song title? uck uck uck! WAY nasally, boring, crummy, horridly offkey, painful high note. 07 Camile Velasco - ...pretty letters saying "I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?" Thanks bunches...please help out! < I would like ...these kinds of backgrounds are called. I use psp7, and I would like to know how these 2 background effects are ...
Make your own LJ Friend Fusion

LJ Friend Fusion by hutta

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