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'Cheating' Account Status at LJ...

Look, I understand why people don't want ads on their pages. But I find it annoying that there are those who want the benefits of a Plus account here at LJ -- yet they still don't want to view the ads!

Then change to a Basic account! (Or upgrade to a Paid account.)

Isn't it interesting what our expectations are on line? We want everything to be 100% free. But somebody has to foot the bills!

I remember hearing at one time that the amount of paid users here at LJ was quite a small percentage of the actual users...

Look, I understand why lots of people can't afford to upgrade to a Paid account. There's nothing wrong with having a 'free' LiveJournal account. But, again, make a choice and go with it. Don't come whining to others that you can't block the Plus account ads! Give me a break! Tough. Then change. You've got options, after all.

And don't expect an LJ community to help you block the ads. As a moderator, I can tell you I'm certainly not going to be the one who figures out a way for you to do that.

People amaze me sometimes...

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