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Centennial Blanket

I don't think I ever mentioned that the Centennial Blanket that I helped design is officially completed! The first one off the loom is now hanging on the wall in the office (in the conference room) -- and it's beautiful!

I'm so proud of my part in assisting with the design. I'm really grateful that Marilyn mistressmarilyn asked for my help and let me participate. What an honor!

The blanket is made by the Pendleton Woolen Mill, with whom we have a long-standing relationship. (The festival does, I mean...)

(And apparently Made in Oregon has asked about having them for sale, which is also exciting!)

In April the blanket (which will retail for $250) will be available at the festival office, the Rose Garden Store (located in Washington Park) and all Portland-area Pendleton Woolen Mills locations...

Marilyn said the male board members who have seen it hanging in the conference room are especially crazy about it -- and excited to buy one!

Tags: 2007, february-2007, marilyn, prfa

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