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Hair Cut -- Plus Mitch, Martha, Kathy (hair salon), sister Sue, Jim, June, Nicole, Candy...

I got my hair cut this morning.

The shop (hair salon) was broken into -- as was the Century 21 office where Mitch works (which is close by) -- and apparently several other local businesses. The weird thing was that nothing was taken as far as anyone can tell!

Colored my hair this afternoon. Tomorrow is the rose planting for the two mayors and Saturday is the Rosarian auction -- so I needed both the cut and color!

Also made a huge batch of my curry noodles -- mainly to give as a gift to neighbor/friend Jim for his birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I took them over there today -- so they were going to have them for dinner. I also ended up giving a pot to sister Sue and having a pot for here at home! Good deal.

Plus I got four large green peppers and did a whole new recipe for Stuffed Green Peppers -- which is what we had for dinner tonight. (Curry noodles are actually better after a night in the fridge...)

I took one of Jim's photos and turned it into greeting cards -- which I still need to print out (I have special paper for that). I'm going to give him a set for his birthday that he can use for friends, featuring his photo! He's seen a sample and seemed very pleased -- and was pleased by the food, too.

I still plan to bake him cake, if I find time... (Nothing fancy, just a 'pan cake.')

I've already done the garbage and recycling and got clothes ready to wear to work tomorrow. Plus I washed Marilyn's mistressmarilyn sheet and blanket (that she uses when napping on the family room sofa) today.

What else? Let me think...

I read through my friends/communities here (quickly) and posted a few comments.

I think I'm pretty much up-to-date on my moderation duties at LJ.

I'm pleased that I've posted two batches of Valentine icons, a batch of Black History Month icons and also some 'summer' icons. I also have a batch of 'seasonal comfort food' icons I'm working on -- plus some more summer and some spring. And I might do another dozen or so for Valentine's Day. (That reminds me that I started a batch of 'heart-broken'/anti-Valentine icons that I've yet to finish...)

Yesterday I made the cribbage form that sister Sue needed -- and actually made a club logo for Club 118. Sue and I went to the shop together to get our hair done. She had her hair set and combed out while I got mine cut. Then we went shopping and had Starbuck's...

Nicole is sick. Candy took her to emergency last night, but after a two-hour wait was told that they couldn't see patients for another four hours, minimum (!!!). So she took her in to the doctor today. I don't remember what it is she has (???), but it requires an antibiotic and being home from school for several days, as it's highly contagious. (yikes)

Oh! I talked to friend Martha yesterday -- the first time since well before Christmas! With Martha it's always just like we talked the day before, though. So natural and comfortable. We're supposed to talk again on Tuesday. (I want to give her some hints about the Sims -- and talk more about what wallpapers she wants me to make for her.)

Almost forgot to mention -- Kathy wants me to update the website for the shop (where I get my hair done). So I'm going to take a look (she says it's very outdated) and see what I can do.

In my tons and tons of spare time, of course. (grin)

Marilyn has an exciting project for me to tackle at work tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that!

We're looking into the tennis club thing. I can't wait to play tennis again!!!

(Did I mention that we had another hummingbird yesterday?)

I've got a ton of email addresses (people) to add to our Centennial blog list!!! I need to get on that!

Time for a quick nap... I'm beat! What a busy day.

(The knuckles of my hands aren't nearly as swollen today as they have been. My new ring wouldn't go over the middle finger when I got it, so I was wearing it on my ring finger. But today it's on that middle finger! And my heel is much better, too -- I'm barely limping today...)

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