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You probably don't want to read this, which is fine. But I think I need to keep track of this...

I've been in such terrible pain with the arthritis in my right heel today. This evening I tried to lie down for my normal evening nap, but I was in too much pain to sleep.

I've been limping around all day long.

Tonight I sat at my computer doing things and propped my leg up so that my heel was resting in the pillows on Marilyn's mistressmarilyn chair. (Our computers sit side-by-side here in our home office.) That was nice, I have to admit!

We're heading to bed soon.

I hope I can sleep.

I have no idea why my heel is bothering me so much today. (My right hand hurts, too -- but not that bad. What I mean is, it hurts more than the day-to-day pain that I always have...) Considering the fact that it was warmer today, I'd expect it to feel better. No dice.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself, believe me. I realize that there are tons of people who deal with much more pain all the time -- and that I'm lucky to be able to walk and so on (pain or no). But I should probably make an effort to track the 'bad' days a bit more than I do as a rule...

Done for now.

I hate to write posts that even border on whining. It's just not me.

Anyway, time for bed!

Today was a work day, just for the record...

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