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Remember that I shared photos of our new hummingbird feeder in this entry???

We had a hummingbird today!

I made a little movie (very short) that I'll share under the cut...

Here he is! Click twice on the PLAY button to view.

No, it's not the best film ever, I admit. But he just showed up and I had the camera and was able to capture the moment, anyway. (I was afraid to move closer in case it would frighten him away...)

It was a very rainy, gray day here in Portland today, but I imagine when I catch him on a sunny day it will make for a much nicer movie!


Was that nice of him to come our way? He showed up several times today, so both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got to see him...

Tags: 2007, february-2007, hummingbird, youtube

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