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Hummingbirds, Sticky Hands, Icons and Miscellany...

Busy, busy, busy! There's just so much to do lately...

I did get our hummingbird feeder hung yesterday -- finally! It was a gift from our friends June and Jim, just after Christmas. I couldn't face hanging it when we were having all that super-cold (icy and snowy) weather -- and then got busy and forgot about it. So I'm delighted to have it up at last!

Here's a small photo showing it. (No hummingbirds -- yet!)

hummingbird feeder 1 (small)

And I'll share two larger photos under the cut...

hummingbird feeder 1

hummingbird feeder 2

The photos aren't bad when you consider I shot those through the window from inside the house -- and both the window and storm window are pretty dirty...

Anyway, the storms are so hard to take down that we rarely are able to clean them, to tell the truth. And how they get dirty on the inside I can never figure! Which means the windows get dirty on the outside -- and the dirty sides can't be touched without removing the storms. (sigh) I can clean the outside of the storms and the inside of the actual windows -- but it doesn't help much. Oh well. We can see out just fine -- as you can tell from those pictures. (smile)

I hung it low enough to be able to reach it (barely) for filling it. And for taking it down to clean it, which apparently you need to do frequently. I know next to nothing about it, as this is the first hummingbird feeder I've ever owned -- and I'm excited about it! We have a lot of hummingbirds in the neighborhood, so I hope I manage to get photos of them using this...

Speaking of, do any of you recall the last time you got your hands covered with sugar-water? The mix for hummingbirds is 4-1 (four water and one sugar). I used the box of sugar Tom gave us for Christmas, as we don't keep actual sugar in the house. (We never use the real thing. Seriously. It's been years since we had sugar around.) Anyway, my hands were such a mess, covered with sugar-water and sticky as can be! I must have done something like that as a child, because I could remember how it felt as if it had happened yesterday (even if I don't remember when or what)...

Still working around the house on my organization goal. Like mad, actually! (Which hopefully explains why I haven't been around all that much...)

But, yeah -- I'm also on an icon-making roll lately. Actually, I made most of them some time back, to be honest. All I've been doing recently is loading them up and writing the code to display them. (And 'tweaking' here and there, of course.) I've been so busy lately that I haven't really had time to make many new icons...

Anyway, I finished up my summery icons -- including a dozen (12) animated ones! Here are some samples...


(the controls in the
lower left-hand corner
will slow down,
pause and speed
up the movement)

You can check out the actual animated samples under the cut...

3 - butterfly glittered  12 - orange butterflies  8 - summer grapes swing

I love making these... (grin)

Do any of you have an account at YouSendIt? I recently got an email offering a 'free' upgrade to YouSendIt Business Plus -- no strings attached. Right. Don't buy it. They give you the upgrade for 30 days...

Why does that bother me so much? Good question! It is a great way to discover services and softwares that are worth paying for, after all. I just wish they'd be honest about it, I guess! (sigh)

Well, back to work!
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