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Bedtime? Almost...

Another busy day. I've spent very little time on line recently... Did I even mention my medical appointment from last Friday? (I don't think so...)

But the organizing and cleaning here at home is really coming along! (I need to take photos. I really do.)

I just made this icon:
celebrate summer!

I'm working on a batch of 'summery' icons that I keep promising to do. (smile) I like how this turned out...

I don't need to do that much work as I have a bunch that I made before that I can easily share. I just need to get them organized.

Organized? Did someone say organized?

That's my middle name right now!

I'm loving my new cell phone, by the way. It's much better reception, for one thing.

Well, more tomorrow (maybe)...

I have several tutorials I'd like to at least try and tackle again, one of these days. (I'm behind on my moderation duties, too.)

Fun, fun -- work, work!

Sorry if I haven't commented that much lately, anyway!

I'd better get cracking now so we can call it a day. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had an early morning meeting today -- and tons of drama during the day! (yikes) She's amazing the way she deals with things... But she must be worn out, I'm sure!

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