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Life is Good... But Exhausting, Too!

Somebody show me another person who can manage to work the hours Marilyn mistressmarilyn does -- and then come home and work out on the treadmill for an hour. And probably put in a couple hours on work here from home, too. Let's just say that when she gets home by 7:00 p.m. (even on days when she gone to work for an early meeting at 7:00 a.m.), it's close to a miracle. She almost never takes a lunch (unless it's a meeting). Hell, she almost never takes a break, either, except to go for an occasional Starbucks coffee (that she takes back to drink while she works).

So naturally I'm not much impressed when I get a call from a friend whining about her schedule. I mean, she's clueless...

Anyway, I have the goal this year to work harder, too. So today I'm tackling a big, nasty task that has me panting and sweating. (grin)

I've decided to seriously organize our home office. We both spend a lot of time here -- and do a lot of work here -- so it would be great if things could be in better order!

We have boxes of things to keep that include everything from our childhood comic book collections to school papers and souvenirs. These are usually the size of getting a case of printer paper (for those who can picture that). I've been lifting boxes completely full of stuff up and over my head and up on top shelves inside our large closet. I've now lifted six of these. (whew) And I'm tired, so I'm taking a short break.

I also lifted out two slightly larger boxes that are filled with paperback books! I'd wondered where the hell we'd moved those to... They were under other things -- and entirely inaccessible. So see what a good thing cleaning and organizing can be?

My goal is to switch things around enough so that we can fit a bookcase (or even two) inside the closet, on the floor. Naturally we'll need to go buy them and put them together (sigh), but it should be a great help when it's done...

The eight boxes I moved were currently stacked on top of one another on the closet floor.

Of course, the shelves that I'm putting these on were also fully stacked with things that are now covering our living room! It's as if a bomb went off out there. (sigh) There's no way around it, though -- you've got to mess up other rooms in order to clean a room.

Hell, you've got to mess up the room you're cleaning, too! (It's horrible in here... Let me out, let me out! I'm only half-kidding, too.)

Just got a 'reminder phone call' (automated) about my appointment in the morning...

. . .

...well, time has passed. (yikes)

I started this entry right around 2:00 p.m. (13:53, to be exact -- LJ time... heh). It's now 4:46 p.m. What does that tell us? (smile)

Well, I went right back to it. The living room is still full of stuff that needs to come back in here, eventually. But it's not piled all over the room now, anyway! I've got it fairly neatly (???) stacked at one end of the room now. Plus more stacks in the office, of course. But it's not as bad as before, thank God!

I've got a huge box in the garage ready to go to the Goodwill. (Go me!) And other stuff to go through that we might not keep, too. And I've tossed out quite a bit and have a huge stack of paper recycling...

But I'm dead beat. Now I need to finish my paperwork for tomorrow and figure out what I'm wearing. Maybe I'll wash my hair tonight, so I don't have to do it in the morning...

I'm pissed off that the HBO store doesn't have any "Rome" clothing items in sizes larger than L. WTF? Don't they think any of their fans are bigger than a large? Oh well...

Marilyn has a late meeting tonight (well, New Director Orientation, to be exact) -- so I've no clue when she'll get home.
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