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Paint Shop Pro Reflections... (and Damn Vertigo!)

So, I thought I'd really been stupid recently, spending ages to write a tutorial on how to create a Glass Globe Tube so that it could be used with my Snow Globe tutorial (still in progress, by the way).

I'd found a tutorial that appeared to show how this could be done in a much more simple way. But I tried it and really didn't like what I ended up with -- at all. So I'm happy to have my own -- admittedly more complicated -- method. Hell, I want the globe to look as good as possible when done!

Actually, it's interesting that whenever I've seen tutorials on how to make snowglobes, they never include how to make the glass globe. Instead, they link to tube downloads.

My question?

Why is this? Well, I have some theories...

  1. They don't want to bother to write a tutorial on how to make the glass globe.
  2. They don't know how to make a glass globe.
  3. They prefer not to share how to make a glass globe.
  4. They haven't found time to write a glass globe tutorial.
It takes a lot of time to write tutorials, so that one is obvious (right?). And maybe the only way many people learned how to make their own snow globes was by using a glass globe tube someone else had created. (Not odd at all, really.)

The third option might bug, but I've come up against it several times during the years I've been using PSP. People are so proud that they can do a given effect -- and they want to hold 'exclusive rights' to whatever that might be. After all, if they share how it's done then potentially anyone who uses PSP might be able to create the same effect!

But the fourth option is also valid. It takes free time to write tutorials -- and lots of people are too busy to tackle it on a regular basis. So even though they might have found the time to write a snow globe tutorial, they might have balked at the additional time involved in doing a glass globe tut. Makes sense.

I've never taken the time to contact any of the tutorial writers to ask, I have to admit. Usually I'll just look and see what methods others use and then move on.

What's interesting is that I almost never come across others who do things the same way that I do! (smile)

It takes me back to what Kevin kevinr has been saying since the start of psp7_beginners (way back in 2002) -- there are lots of ways to do things in Paint Shop Pro (and no one 'right' way to do anything).

On a different PSP-related note, I've tried several times to create a simple egg shape. Now I think I've come up with a really (really) easy way to do that. It should come in handy next spring when Easter rolls around... I have a method that works well in PSP7 -- and a totally different method that works in PSP9. (I wonder which one will work best for version 8?)

Yes. I need to give PSP-PXI a shot, too. But that's another story! (grin)

So what I've discovered today is that PSP still has many wonders to teach me! (And hopefully I'll be able to share these with others. Yes -- I sense a number of new tutorials coming on!) Plus I've recently been on a kick of making my own Preset Shapes (Vector shapes). No. I'm not about to pay someone else in order to have more of these than actually come with PSP! (Not when I can make my own...)

Aside from PSP, life has been interesting lately. Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been really slammed at work -- which is no surprise, of course. This is now officially 'Centennial year' for the festival -- so we knew it would be a busy time. It's bound to speed by, too, so we hope to make the most of it, crazy or not!

Me? Well, I'm currently struggling with vertigo a bit. Not enough to freak out, or anything. But it's annoying as hell. I'd wanted to go with Marilyn today for the filming of the Centennial interviews, but she didn't want to have to deal with my vertigo -- and I couldn't blame her one bit. I actually threw up with it for the first time this past week (!!!). And I've had several episodes of nausea. Damn. It's a pain in the ass.

This lasest bout may have been brought on from bumping my head really (really) hard the day I went to Pittock Mansion. That's Marilyn's theory -- and I have to admit it's a good one! There's just so little that's known about it -- what causes it and how to treat it. I've been more tired than is normal for me -- and cranky, as a result (which generally isn't like me). I've been sleeping more than usual, too. (Something you do with vertigo, I have to say.) Anyway, I'm trying hard not to let it interfere with my life, for the most part. That's really about all I can do...

The snow is pretty much gone here as of today. There were a few little patches here and there. So much for our big 'snow storm of 2007' (heh). I'd be surprised if we got anything more now, to be honest. It reminds me that in January 2000 it actually snowed on the day of our Mom's funeral! It was a big pain in the ass and almost kept the minister from being able to get there. (Our Aunt Helen used it as her excuse not to attend -- but it was really only an excuse, as several people offered her rides.) Freak snow storms are really pretty rare here in Portland...

We had fish sticks, zucchini in tomato sauce and cottage cheese for dinner (with a nice pot of coffee) -- and it was 'delish mon.' (Something we say all the time around here...)

fish sticks



I've started to move furniture around in our home office (finally). We'll see how it goes. There's not much room to play with, but maybe we can get a tiny bit more organized, anyway!

Australian Open tennis is on (Roddick's playing) and it's time for our evening nap...
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