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Damn Qwest! Damn Billing Errors!

Allow me a moment to bitch, please. (smile) Plus, it gives me a chance to use my 'pissed off' icon of the sexy Caesar (from the series "Rome")...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have this on-going saga with Qwest (our ISP). I won't review the whole thing here now (you're nodding gratefully, I'm sure), but needless to say we have no plan to dump them anytime soon -- in spite of less-than-perfect service.

We recently received news via email that they were going to be doing 'Service' on their email. Considering how many times we've been down in the last several months, we both said "about time" and thought nothing more of it. (Well, I got the message another two times, so I thought of it then...)

This morning I go to open my email and get the following error message:
sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: authorization failed

Note: The punctuation and capitalization is exactly as it appeared on screen. (yikes)

I then proceed to phone and try to resolve the issue. I have a young woman who speaks highly accented English that sounds East Indian to me. (My sister Sue insists that Qwest does not outsource, but this is the third time recently that I've had a person with this sort of accent -- so you decide for yourself.) I have no personal issues with outsourcing, really -- except that the language barrier is often frustrating. I had enough trouble understanding this young woman's English that I was having her spell things for me. Normally when I speak to a tech on the phone I'm steps ahead, considering how well I know my stuff. But this was a messy interaction, at best...

Turns out that we need to re-set the password for my email. (Fortunately the other two emails we have via Qwest were fine, for whatever reason.) Once she did that at her end, my email starting coming through just fine.

No, my dear tech assistant, I did not need to change a thing here on my end.

This has happened before, now that I think about it. But it had been long enough that I'd forgotten...

So much for email improvements!

Well, hopefully we won't be down as much in the future. (My fingers are crossed.) Considering I do work via my email, it's essential that it be up and running 24/7, frankly.

What a lovely start to my day!

Yesterday Marilyn walked into our home office carrying a bill for my recent doctor's visit. To the tune of $347.00 for the 'consult' with Dr. Laura D.!!! (yikes)

It didn't say anything about billing my insurance -- all it said was 'balance due' and that amount! I freaked out, frankly.

Marilyn finally calmed me down, ages later. I phoned about it, but got a recording, of course. Because of the inclement weather locally, they were under-staffed and having messages left. So no one tried to call me yesterday.

Fortunately I got a call back first thing this morning (and I do mean first thing). They'd made a billing error on their end and neglected to bill my insurance. So I'm suppose to 'ignore' the bill, thankfully.

I was more worried about the bill for all the tons of x-rays ending up in my mailbox, to be honest. But it appears that a separate billing anyway, so it's probably not a problem. (She gave me a phone number, just in case, though.) There was no apology for the mistake, but I was so overjoyed that I wouldn't have to pay that I didn't even care... And as both Marilyn and sister Sue said when I told them, these sorts of errors are happening all the time. (What does that tell us, by the way?)

Anyway, I was in a grumpy mood due to that yesterday -- but am in a good one today! After all, the bill isn't my problem -- and I have my email working again. Hurray! So I'll call my mood 'pissed off' -- but I'm actually over that. (grin)

And like I said, I wanted an excuse to use this (new) icon! (smile)

Well, I've got a ton to get done around the house today, so I'd better get to it!
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