CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Community Pimp

I finally did it. I started the community I've wanted to start for just ages now!

I've been all over the idea of a 'good' (positive) stress community. Somewhere that people can share their positive feelings about stress, as well as share ideas and support for dealing with the more traditional 'negative' stress...

If it sounds like your sort of thing, you might consider joining: good_stress

I made a second, sister community as an affiliate. A place for people more into the concept of ranting/venting as a way of dealing with stress! You can find it here: de_stress

I have a small reflection (rant-like) that I need to post there after today's (small) family drama. Sigh. But I've got to dash for now, so it will have to wait! LOL.

(Imagine! An actual place to put the garbage I might otherwise post here and force on all my friends! LOL.)


It's pouring down rain here. And cold! Brrrr. Where's all that nice sunshine and spring-like weather??? I've had to turn the heat on again today and yesterday!

Marilyn's mistressmarilyn birthday is fast approaching! What am I going to get her???

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