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Yes. We have snow here in Portland, Oregon!

No. We don't get snow here much. (smile)

Yes. We're all a bunch of weather wimps. Nobody can drive in snow, so it's a big mess here.

The good news? The association closed the office for today! So Marilyn mistressmarilyn is here at home, safe and sound. And warm. (grin)

(Yeah. Actually she was one of the two people who made the decision to close -- but she'd have stayed home anyway, as she doesn't drive when the conditions are really bad.)

Okay, all you snow-saavy-people out there, I know you're thinking we're crazy! But it's as much about the next guy and his bad driving as it is about how well you, yourself, drive. And when you're not used to snow, guess what? (Hopefully you guessed it!)

So Marilyn and I went out for a walk and I took numerous photos that I'll share later. (smile) But meanwhile, I made a very short snow movie to share! Head under the cut to view!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Remember: Click the 'play' button TWICE to make it play!

Nothing fancy, just snow coming down and making everything here white and pretty!

We also took a ride up the Gorge yesterday, before heading into the office to work for several hours. I got a lot of nice photos from the ride, too.

Yes. I really, really need to upload photos to share!

And as we got the first season of "Rome" on DVD yesterday, we want to start screen-capping it so we can make a whole new mood theme! Won't that be cool? (smile)

(Not that we're obsessed with "Rome" or anything...)

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