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Snow in Portland? Lunch with sister Sue.

So we've been hearing for days that we were supposed to have snow today. I was one of the ones saying we wouldn't, but by last night they had me convinced.

Of course, we didn't get any to speak of, naturally! It seems like whenever we hear that 'snow is on the way' here in Portland it's a sure sign that it's not going to come! (heh)

It was cold last night and this morning. There were flakes falling a few times -- but nothing was sticking locally. And by the time I went to lunch with sister Sue it was 40' outside -- way too warm to snow! Plus we had blue skies peeping through all over the place. It does take clouds and precip to make snow, after all. (smile)

Anyway, we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch, which I've been looking forward to. I love spaghetti and have always been fond of the Mizithra Cheese and Browned Butter Pasta (Classic), even though I didn't think it was especially good today...

Besides that, Sue got sick during lunch. She had to head to the rest room, so that sort of spoiled things for both of us. (sigh) Too bad! (Yes. She still gets sick some of the time when she eats. It's been almost one year since her gastric bypass surgery...)

I've been trying (hard) to catch up on my moderation duties. I like to answer questions as carefully as I can, so I can be as much help as is possible. I remember what it was like to be confused about various aspects of Paint Shop Pro or LiveJournal -- so I can really relate to the questions asked by members. As usual I'm behind on various tutorials, but at least I do my best with the questions that come up! (grin)

Well, time to get to my garbage and recycling, I think, while I still have daylight to work in. What a concept!

I also need to pack up bday gifts to mail for friend Shari. And dust and vacuum. And take some things by to my neighbor. (I could go on, but I think I'll just stop with that list.)

Oh! And I've (finally) almost finished reading "Hotel Transylvania," by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I've enjoyed it, though I often wish it went into more detail. (It could really stand to be a larger book -- which would make it a far better read.)

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