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Interesting Day. (ouch) All About My Psoriatic Arthritis...

I'm going to cut most of this entry. (blah)

So I saw my (first) Specialist today. The first one for this month, that is.

I left the house around 1:30 p.m. and didn't get done until almost 5:00 p.m.

Sister Sue took me -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn left work early to bring me home.

Seriously, I'm not complaining. If I can finally get some medication that will help me after having dealt with this for well over a decade, that would be great, frankly.

But I had a very involved exam by Dr. Laura D. -- and some of it was painful. Then I was sent directly from there to get bloodwork done and to have numerous x-rays taken. (The x-ray tech was clearly put out when she saw the long list of x-rays I needed done. But the bloodwork people were delightful, I have to say...)

I was unreasonably nervous today. I'm not sure why. I tried not to let it show, but I suspect that Sue and Marilyn got the brunt of that.

I was candid with the doctor about my pain, for a change. (I even admitted to a 6-7 range from a scale of 1-10, which is weird for me.) I was saying to Marilyn that I find it very difficult to ever be that open about the level of pain I feel, because to me it seems like whining -- and I am not a whiner. Marilyn agrees -- she feels exactly the same way. The problem is that doctors are used to the exact opposite -- and they don't take you seriously if they think you're not in a great deal of pain. Considering my psoriatic arthritis gives me pain almost 24/7, it wasn't that hard to express exactly that.

Turns out my problems with my heels -- especially the right heel -- are probably directly tied to this, by the way. Years ago I had a doctor be very dismissive with me about it. He told me to try 'wearing high heels' to make it better. Great suggestion, doctor. When the pain is bad, I even limp on that foot. I don't dwell on it, but it's annoying as hell. I want to be able to run again, like the old days. I used to both run and power walk, way back when. I dream of running often, believe it or not...

It could be that the heel is permanently damaged, though. I guess we'll see. But I always try hard not to let it stop me from doing things -- I really do.

When the x-ray tech was taking the x-rays of my hands, it suddenly became clear to me that I've actually lost mobility in my hands! I don't think I'd ever realized that before, so it was a bit of a shock. Yeah, it often hurts to type or do other day-to-day things. But what the hell, everybody has pain. But the idea that I might ever lose the ability to control the use of my hands is a bit scary, I have to admit...

It looks like some of my back pain is tied to this, as well. The exam was... well, painful. (ouch) I thought this might be possible, but I wasn't all that sure. Again, I'm used to pain. No big deal. I'm just surprised about how wide-spread this appears to be.

The pain in the left elbow is probably this, too -- and has nothing to do with playing tennis. You just tend to think that, you know? Tennis might make it hurt more, but it's not caused by tennis, in other words.

One of my Resolutions this year is to get more healthy. To address my physical issues and improve my well-being. So seeing a specialist is a start.

Anyway, I'm currently sore and tired -- and more than ready for a nap.

Yeah, I could go into more detail about the whole thing, but I think I'll pass. Happily it's over for now. I see Dr. Laura D. in another month to discuss the test results and talk about possible treatments. (She wanted to be sure I'd already seen Dr. Barry D. about my liver before we saw one another again...)

She did mention I'd been tested previously for all three types of Hepatitis, by the way. Nice of her to tell me, as my GP never did! The tests were negative, for the record. (duh) Whatever is wrong with my liver, it's not Hepatitis.

This business with the psoriatic arthritis isn't about old age. I know that people jump to that conclusion when they hear the word arthritis -- but psoriatic arthritis is quite different. I've probably had it since the 1980's, at least. I know it first started to bother me in my early 30's, anyway... So this is certainly nothing new. However, certain aspects have gotten progressively worse, I admit. (Possibly because of not having been treated...)

I might feel sore and worn out -- but I don't feel old at all! So there! (naw-naw)

In fact, I spent a bunch of time discussing tattoos, permanent makeup (tats) and piercings with two women who might have been young enough to be my daughters (granddaughters?) at the hospital -- and they treated me just like an equal. And why shouldn't they?

I did get much of the remaining Christmas decorations down today, thank God. The rest I'll finish up tomorrow, for sure.

I have another new tutorial I'm working on (on how to animate a candle flame to flicker) and (yet another batch of) icons to share at seasonal_icons -- so I'm staying busy. (grin)

By the way, Marilyn had to go back to the doctor for another test (and another needle) this morning. (yikes) God knows the doctor put her through the wringer last week -- so it's hard to believe she had to go back again today. (Heavens. What's that about?) And some of the tests seem downright ridiculous to me! Oh well...

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