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Rain Icons to Share!

More icons to share with the members of seasonal_icons -- and my friends (of course)! I finally finished some rain icons to share! And it's about time! (smile)

This is a small batch of twelve (12) only -- and all are animated. I thought they were appropriate for this current season, considering many of us live with a lot of rain (rather than snow) during the winter months...

WARNING! As I've mentioned previously, looking at all these animated icons at one time can make you a little crazy. (grin) So I advise you scroll down v-e-r-y   s-l-o-w-l-y.

rain - wet  rain - bike 2  rain - beach 2
These three, plus more under the cut!

Rain Icons (animated)
rain - wetrain - orangerain - copper
rain - bluishrain - blue brellarain - big blue
rain - bike 1rain - beach 1rain - bike 2
10 1112
rain - beach 2rain - 3 brellasrain - lonely
  1. Credit expected and appreciated. (Thanks!)
  2. These aren't 'icon bases' -- but you may add your username (and text within reason). (If asked nicely I've been known to add usernames for people...)
  3. Comments are greatly appreciated, too!
I used three different methods to create these -- all a lot of fun to do. (grin)

Yes -- I do have a batch of non-animated (still) rain icons, too. I hope to post these soon. And I imagine I'll also have additional animated rain icons to share, if anyone is interested!

(Today is 'Little Christmas,' better known as Epiphany. This was Grandma Elsie's birthday -- and the day that our Mom died back in 2000. I can't believe it's been seven years since she died...)
Tags: 2007, icons, january-2007, mom's-death-day, seasonal_icons

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