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Another Busy Day -- Pittock Mansion

I went to work with Marilyn mistressmarilyn today.

Yes, happily we got our manicures. (Mine is French -- getting away from the bright red I had for the holidays, finally. I needed a change bad.)


After that we headed to Starbucks -- then in to the office!

I ended up going with Ty (Marilyn's assistant) and Mandy (Marketing Department) up to the Pittock Mansion. Even though I've spent my entire life living in Portland, I'd never been before! So it was exciting to be there! (It was so nice of Marilyn to ask me if I wanted to go along!)

The Pittock Mansion is actually closed during the month of January for maintenance and upkeep, so there aren't even tours open right now.

We three went in and saw the space for the upcoming event -- and discussed things with the lovely curator Lucy! I enjoyed offering my personal suggestions and insights.

After the meeting Lucy took us on a tour of the mansion. I love vintage/historical houses and buildings, and always tour them wherever I go. Marilyn and I have seen many together -- and I've seen several alone, as well (as has she). We've been to so many that we tend to know what to look for -- and today was no different. In every room I tended to go right to the main feature -- and finally Lucy said, "You never miss a thing!" Later she told me I could come back and be a tour guide any time I wanted, which was very flattering...

Lucy was called away before we'd seen the top floor, so she let us go up alone. We got to go places that were normally roped off for tours -- so it was great fun!

And I got to help select the actual site outside where the rose will be planted during our event. Fun, fun!

I took a number of photos outside (none inside, unfortunately), which I need to download and share. It's an amazing building, I have to say...

There was plenty to do back at the office after the meeting. As a matter of fact, Marilyn and I didn't leave the office until 7:30 p.m. (Yes, we were the last ones out of there...)

Sister Sue phoned me at one point, saying she hadn't known I was working today -- even though I'd told her more than once yesterday. (sigh) She was pretty wrapped up in all the family issues going on right now with her son and his wife and her daughter -- and discussions about moving out of her home. So I guess she just didn't hear what I told her...

Oh! I forgot to mention previously that I did write a new tutorial this past week for psp7_beginners, on how to add frames/borders and/or text to animations (which can be seen here). I should probably repeat it for the other 'sister' communities, too. (Maybe next week?)

What I recently learned how to do is make my own Custom Preset Shapes for use in Paint Shop Pro 9! Exciting! I just created a snowflake -- then made this:
snowflake test
Isn't that cool?

Last week (or the week before), I'd gone 'on the hunt' for new Preset Shapes -- and I kept coming up against places that had these for sale. Well, frankly, I didn't want to spend the $$$! So I figured there must be a way to make my own -- and I reasoned it out! (ta da) Now I just need to do a tutorial on how it's done... (smile)

We need to go back in to the office tomorrow. And we've promised to go to our friend Marcia's house, too, to see her Christmas tree before she takes it down. So it looks like another busy day!

I also set up for us to go to Barry's and return the items he loaned us months (and months) ago for the Centennial. He's told me he has other items to loan us -- and I'm sure he's excited to share them. So Marilyn and I will be doing that next Friday (January 12). I also framed one of the special posters today to take to Barry as a 'thank you' gift. I'm sure he'll like it...

Poor Marilyn, by the way. She had to have a tetanus shot at the doctor yesterday -- and for those who don't know it's painful (and the pain lasts several days). Or as Mom and Dad used to say, "It hurts like billy hell!" (heh) She's powered through (as Jeff made a point of saying to me today), regardless...

Well, it's almost 3 a.m., so I guess it's time to head to bed! More this weekend, hopefully. I need to catch up on reading all my friends. (And I've been bad about commenting lately, too.

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