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IMPORTANT Medical Appointments

I mentioned these appointments here (on December 27) -- but forgot to make an entry with the information as a reminder to myself! (yikes)

Dr. Laura D., Rheumatologist: Monday, January 8 -- 2:00 p.m.

By the way, I discovered (on line, of course) that Dr. D. is a graduate of Harvard University and received her doctorate from theUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School. Impressive, no?

Now we'll see if Dr. C.'s long-ago diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis was correct! There's no question I have arthritis -- and have for many years. Right now the bumps on the joints of my fingers are huge, by the way. (And my psoriasis is a bit out of control right now. I've never had it as bad as many of my friends, but it still causes patches that itch and bleed...)


Anyway, I'm very excited to hear what a specialist has to say, that's for sure!

Dr. Barry T. D. (Gastroenterology): Friday, January 26 -- 10:15 a.m.

I'm looking forward to hearing what can be done about my liver. In fact, I'm looking forward to hearing what the hell is wrong with it in the first place -- and what might have caused the problem... We shall see!

I'm putting off the dental appointment until all this is done, I think. (Maybe I'll go in February.)

Meanwhile, I need to start getting bids on putting in new carpeting downstairs in the family room and Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bedroom. Fun, fun! (heh)

Seriously, this is the carpet that was here when we moved in -- and it wasn't great way back then. So it's certainly time to get it replaced, at long last...

I've no clue what it's going to run, though! It should be interesting, to say the stats

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